Save VS Spend: Women’s Watches

Must-have gold watches at a price that’s perfect for you

Finding the perfect watch is a little like finding true love: Pick a great one and you’ll have a partner for life. Make the wrong choice and you’ll be looking to replace it by next season. To be honest, the ideal watch isn't always the most affordable investment, but then what's worth keeping that is? Granted, with just the right dose of luck on your side you could find your true-life partner at a fraction of the randelas, should you be a thrifty spender. Here, we weigh out four timeless wrist-watch picks at price points that everyone can get behind.

Treat a watch with a leather strap the same way you would a pair of expensive shoes: no wearing two days in a row and the care is a little more involved. So, it helps to have a few in rotation. Depending on how much detail you prefer, and the budget you’re working with, the above could be the missing links in your collection. 

Balling on a budget with minimalist taste? The Olivia Burton Big Dial piece with its pared-back detail and thinner straps could be for you. But if you’re all about impact and have a little more cash to burn, Fossil’s Q Tailor fitted with bells and whistles like fitness tracking would be better suited.

Watches with a metal bracelet make for more durable and structurally stable pieces, which you’ll get a lot of wear out of. They make for a good place to start out your collection as you’re able to polish them up years later and have them looking brand new.

Looking to spend a pain-free buck on a piece that’s trendier and simpler? The chic Alice Mesh watch by dailyfriday is your prize. A aesthete with no time to play? The classically timeless shape of the Marc Jacobs Vic is an obvious fix. 

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