Going Greyscale

Create the ultimate monochrome mood with our best-loved pieces

ultimate monochrome home decor

Photographs: Karl Rogers | Styling: Charl Edwards

Much like a crisp white shirt, the monochrome look is timelessly sophisticated: it’s a constant amongst trends that come and go before you can love them enough to bring them home. Beyond being stylish, minimalist monochrome pieces are versatile enough to be paired with different textures and patterns as well as wooden and metallic finishes for homely warmth.

Use our top sellers to create a monochrome mood in every corner of your home, from your workstation to your dining area as well as the bathroom and bedroom.

The minimalist work station

ultimate monochrome home decor

Opt for sleek, solid greys when it comes to setting the right tone at your desk, and then illuminate it with various sources of light, from Anglepoise desk lamps to a standing tripod lamp. This’ll create the kind of atmosphere that breaks away at the darkness which comes over you when you’re chasing that midnight deadline. 

Stylist’s tip: “Use Love Milo kitchenware and Urchin Art mugs as a smart and unconventional way to display and store your stationery.”

The languid living room

ultimate monochrome home decor

Our living rooms are usually where we find refuge and comfort after a long, exhausting day. A space this important needs to maintain its air of calm, so keep it minimal with timeless furniture in tonal monochrome hues that err on the softer side. These will act as foundation pieces for seasonal add-ons. 

Stylist’s tip: “Create a layered look by including a mix of textured woven rugs and cushions, as well as furniture with angular and geometric lines.”

The bold bar top

ultimate monochrome home decor

Impress your next round of dinner guests with a mobile bar of sorts. Gorgeous glasses don’t deserve to be stowed away, so display them alongside selected dinnerware and entertainment essentials in whites and greys. As a finishing touch, novelty items like a brass monkey candle holder add a little personality, and conversation starter. 

Stylist’s tip: “Create a Pinterest-worthy side table by mixing different sizes and shapes of glass objects, metals, wood and marble accents.” 

The bohemian bedroom

ultimate monochrome home decor

First create a cosy, lived-in feel with bedding and cushion in varying tones of grey, black and white. Then, add a touch of earthy eclecticism with clashing geometric prints as well texture in the form of woven baskets and rugs.

Stylist’s tip: “Curate your space by colour-coding your sneakers and clothes — fashion can be decor too and it will help keep your clothing organised.”

The elegant bathroom

ultimate monochrome home decor

Towels are probably the most important bathroom essential, but they don’t quite get the appreciation they deserve. Black and white designs lend a considered feeling and if you show them off by hanging them up on a bathroom rail or ladder, they'll add height and dimension to a space that’s at the smaller end of the scale. 

Stylist’s tip: “Add metal and marble decor accessories for an on-trend and more refined look, then create a sense of calm with a candle or two.”

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