Whatever the weather

Stay Outside with these 5 handy layering tips

handy layering tips

Words: Rosie Goddard | Photography: Luke Kuisis | Styling: Akim Jardine

At this time of year, feeling good relies not only on your outfit choice, but how weather-appropriate it is. Misjudge blue skies or a still morning, and chances are, you’ll get caught in gale-force winds wearing your new tea dress and a thin denim jacket.

Check the forecast, check out our weatherproof style tips and you’ll never have to be the person who wore wellies in 27° heat again.

The look: Flatform sneakers

handy layering tips

The weather: Rain, rain go away (but not really, because drought)

The trick: Something learned from rainy-season style in South East Asian cities is that elevation is key. Add to your layered look with a flatform sneaker to create more distance between your outfit and the rain-spattered streets. This’ll mean less murky droplets on legs or clothes before you’ve even arrived at work.

The look: Athluxe layering

handy layering tips

The weather: icy wind

The trick: The athluxe look lends itself to arctic weather, because the more layers you add, the more the outfit comes together. Play with different hemlines, and layer up different-weight bombers to create a considered aesthetic.

The look: A sweat dress

handy layering tips

The weather: Sun’s out

The trick: Warmer days in winter provide welcome reprieve from nights spent under a mountain of blankets, but they rarely get to sundress level. Luckily you can take the comfort of sweats outside with you when the sun comes out and keep your body heat regulated. There’s just enough warmth stored in this fuzzy fabric to show off some skin, too.

The look: A fur coat

handy layering tips

The weather: cold + misty

The trick: A cosy faux fur coat is a natural go-to on a misty morning that thaw out as the day goes on. Pairing it with a sportswear-inspired ensemble hasn’t been a thing since the early 2000s (shout out to JLo), but we’re happy it’s back because it makes so much sense. The jacket is the statement you’ve been searching for, and it won’t overheat you when paired for a dress. Just add stockings if necessary.

The look: Sporty Victoriana

handy layering tips

The weather: hot and cold

The trick: You know those days where you dress for work based on the fact that it’s freezing and by lunchtime you could fry an egg on the pavement? The way you layer can solve that. Decide on a trend (like the Victoriana look) and carry it through each item. When you take one off, it won’t spoil your outfit.

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