Just For Faux

Fur-look pieces aren’t meant to be demure. Here’s how to have fun with them

Fur coats

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Photography: Luke Doman | Styling: Mira Leibowitz

From Anna Wintour in the front row to Migos in the ‘T-shirt’ video, no-one wears fur to look demure. When you do, go for faux to keep it cruelty-free (not to mention more affordable), there’s no need to tone down the drama – especially this season, as big silhouettes meet bold colour in pieces that are made to stand out. Take it outside and show off styling that’s all about everyday glamour.

Shear joy

Fur coats

Tough, military-inspired jackets meet their match in the softest of knits. Pull yours over a poloneck and high-waisted pants, or our personal favourite: knit dresses paired with over-the-knee boots in suede or velvet for seriously tactile appeal.

Soft touch

Fur coats

The most versatile of faux fur jackets, a simple, collared style in black is set to last you a lifetime. Give yours a bold start with bright, solid colours on top and plenty of detail lower down: patterned socks, snake-print boots and cut-off denim make for a high-trend moment.

Colourful personality

Fur coats

We repeat: you’re not wearing this to blend in. Dip-dyed faux fur is going to make you the centre of attention, so you might as well layer up your favourite pieces under it.

Shagpile style

Fur coats

It’s no coincidence that the season’s favourite texture may remind you of the finest in 70s decor – the stuff of wood-panelled ski lodges, fondues and red wine – because it’s pure cosiness. But it’s time to take shagpile outside, in the form of jackets shrugged off the shoulders in thoroughly modern style, accompanied by retro over-the-knee boots, and warm knit textures in-between.

Wild world

Fur coats

A bold, animal-print coat was never meant to blend in – so why not pair it with double denim? Rugged denim and touchable faux fur make for a surprisingly well-suited pair, ready to contrast further with anything from mesh boots to silk and sneakers.

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