Weather or not

Stay Outside with the season’s fresh updates to layered looks

Dress for any weather

Words: Cayleigh Bright | Photography: Luke Kuisis | Styling: Akim Jardine

We love your parka and pea coat just as much as you do, but even the most wearable style staples need a day off now and then. When the weather changes, switch up your look with fresh pairings of pieces probably already handing in your closet.

Stand the rain

Dress for any weather

When the season gives you two really good trends, why not wear them one on top of the other? A favourite piece of the moment, the puffer, pairs well with the hoodie-under-jacket styling popular just about everywhere right now. To get extremely practical, it’s worth noting that this provides a far fresher alternative to the raincoat – thick outer layer to keep your warm and dry, plus a hood to shelter your hair and prevent icy ears.

Sunshine on a cloudy day

Dress for any weather

You know by now that layering is key when the weather’s looking changeable. What you may not have considered is layering an embroidered bomber over a golf shirt to combine two traditionally preppy pieces in an unexpected combination that’s as ready-to-play as it is practical.

Stormy weather

Dress for any weather

Cold, dramatic day? This is the weather that your wardrobe has been waiting for: it’s so well suited to showing off what a dapper guy you really are. Layer like this: Shirt, followed by formalwear, topped off with outerwear with an edge. Shearling or leather jackets are ideal; a James Dean attitude is essential.

Sun is shining

Dress for any weather

So it’s sunny but freezing. The simplest solution? Long sleeves! Yup, it really is that simple: a warm layer that keeps the chill at bay while maintaining that laidback aesthetic that pairs so well with sunny weather. Sunglasses are a must; some good outer layers are strongly advisable.

Against the wind

Dress for any weather

Now that you’re layering hoodies under jackets, switch it up: wear the more formal piece under the sportswear for crisp pattern underneath a bold outer layer. Keep the rest of the look simple and monochromatic, and feel free to wear either sneakers or more formal footwear.

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