Style Notes With Kelly Fung

Our Fashion Director on how to take the athleisure trend into the office

Style Notes

Fast-paced lives require clothes that can keep up, and the athleisure look is a go-to when you’re dressing for a range of events in your diary. Sharp and sleek, it’s defined our decade and will continue to push the boundaries of fashion for the better part of the 2000s (until we officially settle on those neoprene suits seen in most sci-fi movies).

In the first installment of our ‘Style Notes’ series, our Fashion Director, Kelly Fung, takes a look at how you can translate the athleisure trend into new spaces, like the office, and gives tips on how to dress it up or down.


Style Notes

Are leggings back? Can they be worn as pants? The answer to both of these questions is yes – but make sure you focus on new-season details. The side stripe adds a sports-luxe feel to a look, while stirrups (not pictured here), can be worn over the boot when you’re feeling bold for avant-garde, Balenciaga-inspired edge.

Style Notes

Drawing from their tennis heritage, pleats bring just the right amount of prep to a look but have gone decidedly glamorous in recent seasons. Take your skirt back to its roots in a new way and pair it with something unexpected, like sneakers, and then throw on a biker jacket in an equally attention-grabbing texture.

Style Notes

Certain types of sweats have established themselves as office-staples, bringing a much needed shake-up to classic tailoring. Hold the slouch and opt for a tapered pair featuring interesting details. This particular style borrows from the military trend with it’s red and blue combination as well as its stripe down the side. Team it up with dressier staples like a blazer and a blouse. 

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