6 Reasons To Stay In Bed

You don't have to hit snooze if you never set the alarm

It’s all well and good to work hard and play hard, but a 24/7 ‘you sleep we grind’ mentality is just silly. Prioritising real rest isn’t laziness, it’s called recharging, and if you care about your health it’s not really optional. Without proper sleep, you’ll burn out just like that laptop you keep cursing (you know it might function properly if you just bothered to switch. it. off). We know it’s hard – there’s always one more thing to tick off the list, but consider this your essential self-care list. The only homework is to commit to sleeping in once in a while, perhaps starting with the upcoming public holiday? Below is your toolkit and required reading.

Great sheets. Sleeping in is so much better with sheets you actually like. These are easy to maintain and work with whatever decor situation you have going on in your space. Buy now, thank us later.

Your cosy blanket. How else will you make it from your bed to the kitchen for more snacks? They are also great for mummifying oneself and hiding behind when the Black Mirror binge gets a little too real.

Breakfast in bed. Hot chocolate and cheese toasties under the covers with Friends reruns? Yes, please! If you’re feeling lavish, you can sweeten the hot chocolate deal with a dash of sea salt (trust us) and a few drops of vanilla essence. Luxe. 

Pants are optional. In fact, whatever other clothing you choose is all up to you. Socks, however, are non-negotiable.

Old fashioned fun. Throw it back to your primary school winter holidays with some board games and colouring books. You're no longer being lazy, you're on the VIP list at Club Duvet

The zen vibes. All it takes to create a restful atmosphere is some candles and some good music. Now switch off your phone and recharge yourself.