5 dresses your wardrobe needs

First things first: get the essentials right

If you wouldn’t set out for a run on a rickety bridge, why are you styling your outfits without a solid foundation? Too many of us build our wardrobes on the wrong basics. It’s the real reason people look into their wardrobes every morning and say, “I have nothing to wear.” Tick these staple dresses off your list and get ready to build some rocksteady looks.

Standards are standards for a reason. Black is flattering, accident-proof, and event-appropriate 99% of the time. If you need more convincing than that, then take this to the bank: the little black dress always proves its value in cost-per-wear, one fun night out at a time.

Expect these to rise to the top of the trend heap as we head into cooler weather and ‘Hygge’ picks up steam. Worn alone and styled as chic streetwear with sneakers or heeled boots, or used for layering, the sweater dress is to winter as the T-shirt dress is to summer.

Just like your favourite pair of jeans, a sturdy denim dress will see you through a lot in style. Get a button-down for its versatility (extra jacket, anyone?) and wear as is with ankle boots, or as a tunic over a full skirt for some drama.

With a floor-length day dress in a floating silhouette, a beautiful print, and an on-trend hue, you’ll be cool for the summer with a hat and sandals and set for the winter with tights, boots, and a classic leather jacket.

Formal dress codes don't show up on the social calendar that frequently for the average woman, but that's part of the problem with occasion dressing – we're never prepared for it. Back yourself up with something long and silky in a colour you love and a cut that fits so you don't have to throw out your budget with every RSVP.