Lessons in Layering

5 ways to get your transitional outfits right, no matter the weather

Words + Styling: Mira Leibowitz | Photography: Duran Levinson 

Layering is in, simple. More than simply a trend though, this practical approach is the best way to get your transitional outfits right. Dressing for those tricky trans-seasonal days – you know, those days when the weather app is meaningless and bed-weather mornings turn out to be beach days – is a cinch using our five lessons in layering. We've got you covered.

From the runways in Paris to the coolest cats in Jozi – we’re talking to you Mkay Frash – we’ve been seeing a whole lot of green lately. Surely, it’s no coincidence that Greenery happens to be Pantone’s colour of the year. When it comes to layering, experiment with different tones and textures to avoid a one-dimensional look. Think camo, parachute fabric, quilting and multiple tones of military green, maybe even a flash of highlighter-orange detailing to break the tone on tone approach.

Rocking caps under hoodies has dominated the street-style scene for decades. Much like the Normcore trend that shook the world a few years ago, turning the mundane into modern, sitings on runways and in the collections of notable designers means that this layering trend is most definitely back. Ultimately, the snapback-under-a-hoodie look is an extremely easy trend to pull off. Just remember to peel that snapback sticker off before heading out. If you shop Superbalist then everyone will already know that your merchandise is genuine.

Ok we’ll be the first to admit that this look kind of leans towards the Michelin Man aesthetic, but we’re still very much into it. The beauty of layering is the ability to peel it all back, so keep this in mind when layering a bulkier jacket over your favourite track jacket zipped up all the way to the top. While some may associate the track top with ‘The Casuals’, the subculture of 80s football hooligans, designers from Gucci to Gosha Rubchinskiy and top athleisure brands like adidas and Nike have since breathed new life into sporty nostalgia, making this a modern, achievable and very 2017 trend to try.

Let’s be real, beanies are more often used to cover bad hair days than actual brain freeze. It’s odd to see kids killing it in the winter headwear of choice at the height of summer, but they do, and there's no stopping them from topping their look off with this winter accessory. The Way of Us suggests pairing a chunky ribbed fisherman beanie or a bold, graphic one, with a shirt buttoned all the way to the top, and a basic tee underneath. As the weather gets a little cooler start adding on light outerwear in the form of a light parker or bomber jacket.

Don’t pack away your shorts just yet. We’re very into tailored shorts that skim the knee, paired with oversized layers. Think longline tees and oversized outerwear. The basic rule here is that there are no rules. Experiment with proportion, length and colour. The more effortless your look, the better.