Mkay Frash Birthday Bash

This is what people wore to the Mkay Frash birthday bash

By Andile Phewa 

Last weekend a throng of streetwear cats, sneakerheads and homegrown hip-hop heroes made their way to Kool Out on Commissioner Street in order to celebrate the life of the Hunting For Kicks host, Boyznbucks squad member and the undisputed King of Camo – Mkay Frash.

Dressed to kill and ready to tear the roof off, lucky guests took in performances by Okmalumkoolkat, Stillo Magolide and Riky Rick, and it was clearly an evening of “spot the celebrity” as industry heavyweights that included uSanele, Bhubesi, Reason, Dj Dimplez and Milkshake, to mention a few, came through.

The Way of Us documented the dopest looks of the evening, and we weren’t let down in the slightest. Obviously camo was the order of the day, and the same can be said for the type of sneaker that had most people looking floorward on some “What are thoooose?”

These are some of our favourite looks from the night...

An exercise in normcore, but with special attention paid to the details, because when everyone else is peacocking the best way to stand out is by trying your best to blend in.

This guy kills it with his Not Seen bag, Carhartt coach jacket, beat up white high tops and grey wool trousers. It’s a look that’s sharp enough for the workplace yet not so stuffy that it can’t get down.

No pants party! Why not? Simply slip into a ballers shirt, pair with chunky black heels and rock them with the type of grey hair that celebrates youth instead of signalling the end of it.

Even if you weren’t born in the 80s there’s no reason why you can’t wear the type of pastel tracksuit in which your parents probably went on their first date. And if you don’t want to make such a big statement on your own, then call your homie and kill it together while twinning.

The colour blocking is nice, but it’s his statement T-shirt where dude must really be commended. No silly messages here, and instead it’s a subliminal that burns itself into the brain and has innocent bystanders scratching their heads weeks later. 

The man of the moment, Mkay Frash, killing it like only The King of Camo can. Those Jordans are a dream, the tonal dressing, sublime, and there's just a hint of his favourite print to remind all those playing dress up why they must raise their glass to streetwear royalty. 

The workwear trend is here and you could do far worse than make a turn at your local army surplus store. The military issue fabric is hardwearing, can take a beating and we especially love it when born-frees repurpose the uniform of their oppressor.

There’s brand loyalty and then there’s this guy who looks as if he’s just walked out of a Vans lookbook. That’s a good thing, and a wonderfully tonal take on the checkerboard classic.

A lesson in accessorising with camo – when wearing a loud print or pattern try and keep the rest of your outfit as muted as possible. Like this guy does with his white T-shirt and black jeans. Mkay Frash is the exception, of course, but everyone else can cut themselves a slice of camo confidently.

Check out this health goth take on all black errythang, which allows the sneakers (and various logos) to really shout. Tracksuit Mafia killing it.

A snakeskin suit might look creepy when worn with a white stetson and cowboy boots, but when reimagined for the concrete jungle it’s a fresh take on a misunderstood print that's usually associated with Tarantino villians.