The Mixtape Vol. 95

Music to make love to your old lady by, courtesy Uppercut’s Alvhinator

Alvhin Adendorff runs Uppercut - a musical collective and platform for DJ's and producers who are into hip hop and it's related genres like trap, future beats, funk and soul. 

Now the Alvhinator’s sound story is a like a boxset, and we’re not even going to try and do it justice given our space constraints. Let’s just say that as a lad he couldn’t be pulled away from the tape deck, a compulsion that grew stronger throughout his life as the formats changed.

“I guess since it's Valentine's Day I would probably say my sound story is that good music is the love of my life, and that I try to share the best parts of that love with other people.”

Awwww, he's a sweetheart as well. Catch the Alvhinator at The Waiting Room every Friday night and read our interview with the man after the jump.

Tell us about this mix you've made for us.

I wanted to put together some smooth music that spoke about various stages of love, good and bad, but without putting on songs that are cheesy. It also has a solid beat running through it so you can just put it on and bob your head to it or dance in the living room with your loved one, or your cat.

What's your favourite music to make love to?

Hahaha. I really can't go wrong with trip hop like maybe Massive Attack or Kruder and Dorfmeister. I reckon D'Angelo is also good, and every now and then, a little Wu-Tang.

What would you put on a mixtape you made for a lover?

Wu-Tang. She better get used to it. I would also add some Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, and if I was really into her, ‘Protection’ by Massive Attack.

What's the most romantic music in the world?

I don't think there is a specific genre, it's more about the artist. I would have to say that Sade is the queen of romance and love. Her kind of romance is deep and true. She sings about the darkest and brightest parts of love with such honesty. There is nothing more romantic than something that comes from a place of truth and resonates with you.

Describe your dance style.

The Cool Uncle Shuffle. I've also been known to dab on 'em when I'm deep in the trap.

Where can we watch you play and keep up with all the things you're doing?

I will be playing back to back with K-$ at Prime at the Waiting Room on Valentines Day and then again at Uppercut at the Waiting Room on Friday 17 February. You can keep up with my gigs on my Facebook page (the Alvhinator) or check the Uppercut page.

Anything to add, please do so here...

Thank you for letting me share my music with you and please spread the love around. The world needs it.

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