Health Goth

10 Things you need to know about…

Words: Dilton Grunjdad | Photographs: Bevan Davis | Styling: Akim Jardine


In 2014 the pundits were calling Health Goth a made up trend, an internet meme and a possibly cynical inside joke shared by trend forecasters. Three years later and we have seen its undeniable shadow creeping our streets, and fortunately there’s now a much more defined understanding of the trend.


In the same way that Goth fashion has been through many iterations - from UK punks to the cyber-goths, elegant gothic Lolitas to steampunk – Health Goth is an evolution of the subculture and is essentially about wearing all black activewear.


That said, Health Goth is more than a costume. The culture’s benefits not only include gym-goers having more stylish options than the basic workout wear of previous years, but Goths are living healthier lives now, too.


And if you’ve made some lofty New Year's resolutions and promised yourself that 2017 will be your best year yet, then Health Goth’s focus on self-love makes it the perfect fashion trend to buy into as it’s more than just the clothes that you cover yourself with. 


In his official Health Goth manifesto, Johnny Love of HealthGoth.com says that before you run out and buy your compression gear, remember that 80% of your body is made in the kitchen. He then goes on to say that means no more processed food, no fried food and that you may only eat carbs when you need them for fuel. If anyone knows a recipe for black smoothies, hit us up in the comments below.


Another thing is that when you work out you must do so until you feel like death - how Goth is that?! - and that refers to more than just your vanity muscles. Focus on training your entire body evenly. Once you’ve worn the Health Goth’s uniform you’ll realize that a well-proportioned and hard body is the best accessory. 


Personally we find that death metal is the best music to work out to, and instead of making us want to cut ourselves or hate our fathers, it inspires us to lift more. Bands to check out include: Burzum, Enslaved, Emperor, Satyricon, Immortal, Gorgoroth, Bathory, Venom, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Eyehategod, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, Deicide, Necrodeath, Morbid Angel, Wrust, Obituary, Malevolent Creation…  


Designers and brands that are associated with Health Goth include Alexander Wang, Mary Katrantzou, Kanye West, Nasir Mazhar, Nike, adidas and the above mentioned Johnny Love who has produced a line of Health Goth inspired T-shirts.


The dark lord of Health Goth, Rick Owens, has given the culture something of a cosign saying that clothes fit and look best on a well-maintained body, and that after your body is right then you can wear anything and look good. 


There’s a Health Goth Facebook page that will help improve your aesthetic by 666%, curates photos of futuristic fashion, and is a great reference as to where you can take this fashion trend after you’ve dipped your toe into monochromatic sportswear.