Superbalist 100: Granadilla Swim

Joshua Meltz and Adam Duxbury on the power of a passion project

Looking to create a swimwear label that uplifts local creatives, friends Adam Duxbury and Josh Meltz created a brand inspired by Clifton 4th’s iconic granadilla lollies.

This isn’t the pair’s first rodeo though, and they’re using the skills they picked up in their previous ventures - Duxbury has experience in management consulting and e-commerce, while Meltz’s background lies in retail - to ensure that their boardshort brand swims instead of sinking.

“I don’t think it's that many others have failed, so much as I think few have really persisted through the thick and thin of a start up. Its not for everyone. And I also don’t think we have truly succeed until we are flying the SA flag as a global brand.”

Their philanthropical outlook has Granadilla donating 5% of their profits to charitable causes helping to promote entrepreneurship in South Africa. And if they should win the Superbalist one hundred thousand rand, they’ve committed to using the full amount to building a swimming academy.

“People should support the nominees they feel are making the best contribution to our country, and the reality is all of the Superbalist 100 candidates are making spectacular contributions. We are going to build a swimming academy with 100% of the winnings and we are going to use it as a mechanism for social upliftment on a community level. We believe it’s the responsibility of the entrepreneurs on this list to give back to those with less opportunity. This magical country has the potential to be the greatest nation on earth - let's not aim any lower.”