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Slip into Superbalist’s spring selects and breathe new life into your style

Words: Paul Sanctuary | Photography: Travys Owen | Styling: Mandy Nash

To celebrate our new drop of spring fashion we enlisted the help of several editors to assist you with clearing out your winter wardrobe and updating your look for the new season. Shop Superbalist for the freshest brands, from sportswear icons to denim favourites, basic threads to effortless style stalwarts, all of which play their part in creating a look that’s specifically you.

Don’t call Rusty Beukes a ‘stylist’: he hates the term, and as a fashion editor who does fashion writing, consulting and, yes, styling, the term is somewhat limiting. Starting out with an unpaid internship, Rusty “always knew I wanted to do something in the media and entertainment industry, I just didn’t know what exactly it was. I started at Elle and everything just fell into place after that.” Working at Mr. Doveton, Rusty specialises in menswear and is not one to follow trends or subscribe to a specific style, saying he’s all about practicality. “If I can work in it I’ll wear it.” With the adidas archive at its foundation, adidas Originals evolves the brand’s legacy through its commitment to product innovation and creativity. Marked by the iconic Trefoil logo and championed by those who continue to shape and define creative youth culture, adidas Originals leads the way as the pioneering sportswear brand for the street, and aligns perfectly with a hands-on editor like Rusty.

What does your day-to-day look like as a man working in fashion?

Every day is different to the next. I think that that's exactly what keeps me going. I spend most of my days on set making clothes look good. If I’m not on set I’m on my laptop replying to mails and doing research.

Five items of clothing you couldn't live without?

Sneakers, duh! The perfect pair of denims, a basic tee, socks and underwear – trust me on this one. 

Tell us about the look you’ve styled.

I got to know adidas through watching music videos in the 90s. Back then, adidas had this really cool factor to it. Ever since, I have always appreciated how adidas celebrated originality, youth and street culture. Now, adidas Originals is my go-to sportswear-inspired brand. Less is more. Keep things classic but modern, 90s adidas is a vibe. 

What fashion trends are you looking forward to this coming Spring/Summer season?

Two words. Retro Sportswear.

How do you spring-clean your closet?

I don’t.

Words to live by?

Dream big. Be kind.

Rules to dress by?

Be. More. You. 

A senior stylist and producer at One League, fashion director and curator at Gaschette Magazine and lifestyle enforcer at Champagne Friday, Jess Lupton graduated from LISOF in 2008 and went on to assist Suzaan Heyns, Black Coffee, Sara Callow and Charlotte Collins. The small blog she started, Gaschette, has since become a magazine, which she produces while also working as a freelance stylist, writer, trend lecturer, producer, art director and consultant. “I’m always working on several projects at once,” says Jess “so it’s generally madness mixed with glasses of wine.” With 30 brand outlets and a firm footing in 25 countries, Selected Homme is sold by 1300 dealers globally, almost all of which are situated within the golden, prime A or A+ locations. Like Jess, it’s a brand that's all over the place in the best sense of the phrase – and that has surpassed expectations, and continues to surprise.

Five items of clothing that no man should live without?

A pair of leather brogues. A suit that fits perfectly. A great pair of jeans that you wear for almost any occasion. Vintage style sunglasses (Ray-Ban Aviators look great on almost everyone).  A crisp double cuff shirt.

Is it an advantage or a handicap being a woman styling menswear? 

Being a womxn is never a handicap.

Tell us about the look you've come up with. 

The look I’ve selected is a palette of great colours for the season that is made up of separates that will mix well into a man’s existing wardrobe. Buy something you wouldn’t normally wear, don’t be afraid to play with colour and take the time to find your fit – entrance to the change room is free (Ed's note: so are returns and exchanges, so there's really no excuse). 

What men's fashion trends are you looking forward to this coming Spring/Summer season?

Bold florals and a feminine twist on style.

What advice do you have for men when it comes to spring-cleaning our closets?

Throw away everything that has a hole in. I know that T-shirt reminds you of your favourite birthday but it’s not even suitable as PJs anymore.

Rules to dress by?

Always dress like you’re going somewhere better later.

GQ’s Buntu Ngcuka is the fashion writer we have on speed dial when we need clean and concise copy that cuts through the clutter and gets straight to the point. He turned around a menswear piece on SAMFW while other media hacks were still sleeping off their hangovers and his latest contribution to TWoU is a piece on Sad Boy style. As online editor at GQ, Buntu is the epitome of the brand he works for, always looking sharp and thinking smart. “Because of my small-town upbringing I wasn't exposed to much,” says Buntu. “But magazines and TV opened up the world to me and I decided that I wanted to write about clothes: how to wear them, how not to wear them, how to have a sense of humour about them and, most importantly, how looking good can have a positive effect on how you see yourself.” We got Buntu to put together a look using the authentic menswear brand that focuses on effortless style, great fits and premium quality, Only & Sons. Given the amount of style information a guy like Buntu takes in, this brand is well-adapted to his needs, where he’s able to express himself as trends emerge with uncomplicated, seamlessly crafted garments that embrace the classic, eccentric and challenging.

What does your day-to-day look like as a man working in fashion?

I pretty much spend all day seated at my desk, with many, many tabs open on my browser. I look for things to write about – celebrity fashion, upcoming sneaker drops, lookbooks, fashion week collections and 'how to's and styling tips that'll be of interest to our readers. I look at lots of overseas websites to check out trends and what kind of conversations are going on, and I try to see how to translate that into content for a South African audience. 

Five items of clothing you couldn't live without?

My Stan Smiths, white leather All Stars, dark blue jeans, black beanie and a cardigan that used to belong to my late uncle.

Tell us about the look you've come up with. 

What I love about the Only & Sons brand is its minimal aesthetic and the versatility of every item. My wardrobe is built of basics that I layer and wear with key staples like jeans or chinos. The look I've put together is based on my own style – it's practical and simple enough for me to sit around or run errands in, but also stylish enough to wear to the office or to an event after work. Getting ready in the morning is always a mission for me, so being a minimalist makes getting dressed much easier. The outfit is what I see the typical young professional man wearing in the middle of the week.

Your tips for styling transitional outfits.

Layering is key. I got a pretty good practice run while I was studying in Grahamstown. The weather changes so many times in one day, it's wild. So I had to learn how to layer my outfit and be prepared for whatever temperature was waiting for me outside. Also, I'd encourage guys to play around with textures. Wool, leather, denim – different washes and colours. They make for a very interesting look all together, especially if you're wearing items of the same colour.

What fashion trends are you looking forward to this coming Spring/Summer season?

I'm looking forward to wearing colour, pastels in particular. I don't really wear colour much but there's something appealing about pastel tones, especially pink. 

Tell us about your next issue of GQ magazine.

Our September issue focuses on the foundations of a modern man's wardrobe – suits and denim. We've also got features on A$AP Rocky, the new face of Dior (and I'm putting together a fun complementary piece for the story to go on the website – rap fans will appreciate it) and Jonathan Boynton-Lee, who's the new Joop! Homme ambassador. He's done a style diary for us before, and his style is incredible – he really supports South African designers and I commend him for that.

How do you spring clean your closet?

I'll start by sorting my clothes into things I wear often, things I hardly wear, and things I don't like anymore, or can't wear. Then take it from there. I'll organise my wardrobe accordingly – the things I wear the most will be on top for easy access, and in summer, for example, I'll put things like sweaters and coats further at the back. I'm also a huge sneakerhead, so I'll make sure my kicks are clean, wash the laces and polish or brush my formal shoes so they're ready to be worn.

Words to live by?

Fashion isn't that deep. You don't have to wear a suit and loafers every day to look good, and you don't have to be dressed like a tree to get people's attention either. And splurge on timeless items – don't be afraid to invest in quality.

Rules to dress by?

If you have to ask someone if it looks good on you, it probably doesn't.

At time of interview Sandiso was busy trying to get his Japanse visa, which unfortunately didn’t happen. Still, he’s heading east and will now be spending the rest of the year travelling around places that don’t require visas – Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Sandiso has a way of making the most of his situation and doing things his way. Like preferring to wear womenswear silhouettes, or when he got an internship at the Reuters news agency and chose to cover fashion week. “It was then that I decided that I wanted to be a fashion journalist,” says Sandiso. “I'd always had an interest in fashion, even enrolled to fashion school before studying journalism, but I thought it would be a waste of time because I really didn't want to be a designer, I just knew I wanted to do something in fashion.” Since the brand’s inception in 1989, G-Star’s created an entirely new denim sector with their luxury jeans that are accentuated by a street-level edge. By producing sophisticatedly tailored garments with a high standard of craftsmanship, G-Star has become the most in-demand luxe jeans brand in the world. G-Star didn’t do any of this by consulting the rule book, and Sandiso is the personification of that.

What does your day-to-day look like as a man working in fashion?

It differs vastly now that I am a free ranger, who also happens to do other things except write about fashion. When I was in full time employment, it generally was about getting in touch with fashion publicists, designers, etc. Doing interviews and prepping stories for a weekly fashion features page. These days, I am more focused on consumer trend research, so my days generally involve a lot of reading and keeping up with how our tastes are changing. Here and there, I will attend a store opening or chase stylists, photographers and designers for content for mine and Malibongwe Tyilo's website thatskattie.com

5 items of clothing you couldn't live without?

Right now my polo-necks are my uniform. I'm still trying to figure out what is going to replace them come summer. Blouses. All my high-wasted jeans (because my closet is gender-free like that). My adidas Superstar, the single most amazing, simple, versatile shoe. For me, these are the things I'd be happy to wear every single day. Other than that I generally don't value single items that much.

Tell us about the look you've come up with. 

G-Star is a relatively young brand founded by Dutchman, Jos van Tilburg. It's amazing that they've managed to enter a market dominated by the likes of Levi's and Diesel, and still manage to become so cool and coveted. It's a very competitive space they are operating in. I love denim because of its versatility. I really only have one tip for styling denim, and that is that there is no wrong way of wearing denim. I love jeans, specifically, and what I can say about them is that the trick is in the fit. Once you've found your perfect fit, trust me you can pair it with anything and whether you're dressing up or down, you can't go wrong.

What fashion trends are you looking forward to this coming Spring/Summer season?

I'm of the opinion that fast-fashion is driving the seasonal fashion thing to virtual obsolescence, so I don't even look at what trends everyone is talking about because they might be in-store today, and gone tomorrow. With that said, there are certain things that still make me say "ahh, I like that". I think this summer, bearing shoulders and the mid-riff will be my kind of thing. Crop tops. LOL. 

How has your personal style changed since moving north, and do you think there's a difference in the way men in Johannesburg dress to the rest of the country?

Yes, definitely. Joburgers are generally more pedantic about things. Even when you look at the more eclectic street style vibe here, people love being preppy, which I often find a little uptight, and, in a way, Joburgers demonstrate a bit of disdain for the more laid-back Cape Town vibe. I think my personal style draws from a bit of both. Mostly, I tend to keep things clean. 

Joining Superbalist in December 2014, Dylan was part of the team that launched Superbalist’s content offering, The Way of Us. Having worked at GQ and Men’s Health prior to this, these titles allowed him to travel the world as a lifestyle journalist writing about the finer things in life. “I’ve been very privileged to experience the best in motoring, travel, food, drink, fragrances and fashion,” says Dylan. “And having spent my 20s writing about luxury I’ve decided that understated luxury is always better than the flashier Fabergé egg type.” A man’s wardrobe begins with the basics, and by investing in basicthread's high-quality staples you’ll be able to create looks that take you from work to workout to working it, with ease. All while maintaining an authenticity that can’t be faked.

How did you get started in fashion – what drew you to it?

I was born into a very frugal family where my mom would make us tracksuits from whatever leftover curtaining she had. Attempting to out-swag the rest of my family in our matching tracksuits, I returned some empties at the tearoom and used the money to buy an A4-sized Billabong sticker, which I then applied to the back of my tracksuit top. 10-years-old and hyper-aware of the power of the brand, I discovered that something as simple as a logo I wished to identify with could instil confidence.

What does your day-to-day look like as an editor?

The usual: drinking champagne, throwing cellphones at assistants, bringing my dogs on set, expensing every lunch and then trying to remember if it’s "their", "there" or "they’re".

Five items of clothing you couldn't live without?

I’m particularly fond of my Levi’s Commuter jacket, my Sol-Sol parka, my adidas NMDs, my Simon Deporres selvedge denim and the baby Vans my friend War gave my son when he was born.  

Tell us about the look you've come up with. 

I first started putting together tonal looks when Marsala was announced as the Pantone colour of 2015, and would regularly dress up as a sexually frustrated aubergine. The olive green I’ve used here is much better because you can play with military stylings, like the bomber, and hide away from your wife when the two of you are shopping for seedlings at Starke Ayres. Look at Yeezy Season’s sands and TwoU photographer Nick Gordon’s 50 shades of black for further inspiration.

What fashion trends are you looking forward to this coming Spring/Summer season?

Tanning myself back to the colour I was when I was a lithe young lifeguard.

Words to live by?

My granddad always said that the only thing a shirt should have on it is a pocket. Not only was his statement steeped in simplicity, it also says something about functionality.

Rule to dress by?

If you want attention, get a dog.