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  • W28 L32 (1)
  • W29 L32 (1)
  • W32 L32 (1)
  • W34 L32 (1)

Men's Clothing

  • S (1)


  • EU 48 (1)

  • Organic (2)

  • 100% Cotton (1)
  • Cotton Blend (2)
  • Polyester blend (1)

  • Collar (2)

Sleeve Length
  • Long sleeve (2)

Selected Homme

With an impressive selection ranging from boots to suede shoes, jeans to leather jackets, suits and overcoats, there’s almost nothing you can’t get from Selected Homme. All of the highest quality, with timeless, clean-cut silhouettes as well as more avant-garde, on-trend options. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it when you shop Selected Homme online with Superbalist. We’ll even deliver it directly to you, free of charge, no matter where you are in South Africa.

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Selected Homme

Originally founded as a menswear label, Selected started gaining immense popularity, calling for the foundation of Selected Femme, and the rebranding of the original label to Selected Homme. Now it’s an internationally-recognised brand, with 1 300 dealers around the globe. Known for clean-cut silhouettes and top-notch construction, they’re just the upgrade your wardrobe needed.

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