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Anyone who has ever slipped into a pair treggings has probably been enveloped by the comfort of this garment to a point where you don’t feel obligated to ever want to take them off again. Treggings offer more flexibility than tight stretch jeans and they do not give the feeling of being naked, unlike with thin leggings. If you find jeans to be uncomfortable and restricting then treggings are right up your alley of pants that will give you both that comfort and style that you’re looking for. The uninitiated may pose this question - what are treggings, or how to style treggings? To answer that pertinent question, treggings for women is the greatest trend to come along since leggings and jeggings. They look just like jeans but designed with thinner material to deliver the same advantages as leggings, except they take the comfort factor a step further as they sit on you like a second skin. Jeggings also make for a nice casual look as they can easily be paired with boots, sneakers, sandals, flats and yes, high heels too, all of the best fashion in South Africa you can find and shop for on Superbalist. Women’s treggings is characterised by a tight fit, elastic materials and comfortable fit, they are available in different lengths and variants.
The ankle-length variation is a stylish alternative to classic tights and goes perfectly with dresses and skirts. Women’s treggings used in combination with long sweaters or shirts will maximise the advantages of this garment.

Another advantage of a treggings is that you can wear them perfectly under tight tops or even with a sweater dress fit. Since Treggings are tight cut, this makes them ideal for your winter looks because they can be worn with boots without compromising your snazzy shoes. Treggings that you get from the Superbalist brand definitely deserves space reserved for them inside your closet as they certainly will not disappoint you, style-wise.
Many are made with pant details that make them look like slim trouser pants. In fact, you can find treggings under a multitude of names, but none are as catchy as the original- names like pencil pants and slim pants. These light pants for women are comfortable and possess design features such as pull-on, side zipper, or back zipper and they promise to give you an elegant and sassy look that will compliment your professional and out of office outfits.

They are great for women of all ages and body types mainly due to their flat front, stretch, and comfort. And with all of the boots and cool loafers out now, you can really up the sartorial levels Add a backpack (much better for your back anyway), crossbody bag, or satchel, and you will be all set. And now when asked “what are treggings?” you can be all smug and flaunt your best Superbalist fashion.
And one of the best advantages of treggings – you can pack a bunch of them. No need to check-in your travel luggage when you can get everything you need in one carry on and backpack.