Cape Town content creator Razaan Meyer-Khan shares her love for Air Max with her daughter

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Words: Palesa B | Images: Supplied

The reason why almost everyone from any generation, race, gender, walk of life, or class has an Air Max story is because of how radical and multifaceted the work of the design of the shoe is and how it created a lane for itself even when everyone doubted its concept.

Whether it's because it's one of the most recognisable sneakers that even a self-professed non–sneakerhead like Cape Town-based content creator, Razaan Meyer-Khan, can recognise and appreciate or because it's a shoe that can go with any outfit, the Air Max is a sneaker that continues to stand the test of time.

As a result, Razaan has already completely fallen in love with Air Max. And we have no doubt she's slowly but surely going to make her daughter a future aficionado too.

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We chat to Razaan Meyer-Khan about her growing love for the Air Max - a shoe made for every generation and decade:

What is your earliest memory of the Nike Air Max?

It was in primary school. I think that was when I got my first pair although I don’t have any pictures. I have always just loved the white Air Max 90.

When was the first time you bought your daughter a pair of shoes from the Air Max line?

It was actually this year for this collaboration.

How did she feel when she wore them for the first time?

She always likes sneakers. It doesn't matter what sneaker it is - she likes it. The day the sneakers arrived, she wanted to wear them to school even though we had to wait for the campaign (laughs), so she's been wearing them ever since.

How do you style your Air Maxes?

[You can style them] with anything, which is what I love. Whether it is a dress, jeans, or tights - anything really.

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What does the Air Max mean to you?

I am not that much of a sneakerhead - I just like it if a tekkie looks nice. Air Maxes are the only ones I can name, so I really like them. They can go with anything.

Share your memories of previous Nike Air Max Days?

My husband and I got matching pairs this one time, which was really cute. I still need to get a matching pair with my daughter.

Your Favourite Air Max to date?

The white Air Max 90.

Which Air Max currently has your heart?

The holographic one they just released a few weeks ago.

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If you could design an Air Max, what would it look like?

I think it’s amazing just the way it is already. Don't change something that doesn’t need to change.

If you could say anything to the Air Max what would it be?

Keep doing what you're doing!

How do you celebrate Air Max Day?

By wearing Air Maxes.

To anyone who isn’t a sneakerhead, how would you advise they go about finding the right style of Air Maxes?

Choose a colourway and style [that matches] your personality and personal preference. Anything you wear should represent your personality.

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