Update pre-loved pieces with modern details from Blake - exclusive to Superbalist

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A new season calls for a wardrobe reinvention, which sometimes includes the resurfacing of some of your favourite yet long-forgotten pre-loved items. As you rearrange your wardrobe for winter, you may be greeted by your grandmother’s vintage coat, that thrifted vintage knit or that designer jacket you copped for just 20 bucks. And you may think to yourself; “What on earth do I do with this?”

Pre-loved items add dimension, personality, and a sense of individuality to any wardrobe and sometimes they don’t need to be tossed out - they only require a different style approach. Not only are they one-in-a-million, but they are also sustainable fashion choices that can be passed on from generation to generation. And who doesn't love pieces made to last?

However, with fashion fads and trends coming and going we sometimes reach a style impasse and start to wonder whether that special piece of clothing actually has a place in this current style chapter.

This winter, we’re returning to pieces that bring us comfort and we’re showing them love by accenting them with modern details from Superbalist’s private label, Blake.

Designed by an all-women team, Blake dances on the periphery of bold and explorative. Created for the fashion adventurers who intend to make a statement with their clothing wherever they go, the brand encompasses just the right pieces to complement any pre-loved item.

As a conscious brand, Blake and thrifting share a common intention - endorsing slow fashion and sustainability.


Below, we share tips on how to hero some of your favourite thrifted pieces and update your look with modern details from Blake:

No feeling compares to finding the perfect pre-loved denim item - durable, timeless silhouettes and beyond seasonal. What makes denim the star of every wardrobe is its versatility and ability to transcend eras and trends. There are no limits to embracing old-school denim this season.

Blake offers coats, jackets, and blazers with modern cuts that contrast pre-loved denim for an equally practical yet fashionable look. For the girls on the other side of the style spectrum, graphic tees are having a style moment. Pair your beloved jeans with an oversized one from Superbalist’s exclusive label and fresh kicks for an effortless and cool look.

Although the oversized crisp white shirt was a summer trend, it can still be integrated into your winter wardrobe, courtesy of Blake. Add chic boots, a coat, and throw a sweat over the fit for the ultimate 2022 minimalist-girl look.

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Nothing says ‘hero’ like a thrifted or gifted coat. Fur, intricate detailing, floor-length… it's all giving Rihanna’s 2015 Met Gala look. Unlike denim, which is willing to share center stage with other parts of your outfit, the right coat speaks for itself. Subtle details allow for a look that doesn't take away from this one-of-a-kind piece.

Pandemic dressing isn’t entirely out the window. A lounge set is still a matter of style and comfort. Dress down your vintage coat with Blake lounge sets/joggers and kicks or slides for a quick stop to the shops. Pre-loved coats encapsulate the phrase "take it to the top" and if you’re at the top, you might as well stay there.

Pull out your best cut-out top or bodysuit, flare trouser, printed matching set, and leather skirt from Blake to up the ante on your look.


What’s winter without knitwear?

From delicate cashmere to edgy wool, there’s knitwear for everyone. Albeit uncomplicated, pre-loved knitwear can pose some tough styling challenges, as it bears a distinct aura of its time. Accompanied by modern silhouettes, however, they can add adequate charm to any look.

Enjoy the preppy trend and pair your knits with miniskirts and A-line dresses. This produces a look that marries vintage and modern through contrasting textures and silhouettes.

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