An Air Max love story with comedian George ‘Okay Wasabi’ Mnguni + model Sasha Langa

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Words: Lesego Ntsime | Images: Supplied

The month of love may be long gone, but love stories are forever. This time around, it’s between Vosloo’s fave, George ‘Okay Wasabi’ Mnguni and model, Sasha Langa. Okay Wasabi - a comedian and sneakerhead at heart - and model Sasha Langa have been taking the world by storm in their respective fields and as a couple with their YouTube channel Sushi with Wasabi.

There is no hiding the zeal with which couple, Okay Wasabi and model Sasha Langa, describe their first experience of the Nike Air Max.

Born in 1978 and a madala of the Nike family, the Air Max has lived many lives. Forty-two years later, we reflect on its imprint on street and sneaker culture post-Air Max Day. 

The Air Max represents history and innovation, traits which are often contrasted against one another, yet coexist harmoniously with the Air Max.

shoes, sneakers, nike, air max

The spirit of the Air Max is revolutionary, irreverent, imaginative, and fun. And if you’ve witnessed this couple’s growth and commitment to changing the game, you’ll realise just how much they and these kicks have in common. 

Superbalist chats to them about love, Air Max, and style:

What is your earliest memory of the Nike Air Max?

Okay Wasabi : It was one of the first sneakers I bought myself at the East Rand Mall Nike Factory. It was a purple Air Max 90. I wore it everywhere 'til it started yellowing. I loved how bulky it was.

Sasha : I'm actually a newbie, to be honest. The first pair that I actually just got recently is the Air Max 96. I instantly fell in love with it the day I received it. I might start a collection.

What does Air Max mean to you?

OW: History. One of Tinker's best designs. Visible air unit. Changed the game forever.

S: It has so many great silhouettes that so many people respect and admire and after getting my first Air Max pair I can see why.

shoes, sneakers, nike, air max

Define your relationship with the Air Max.

OW: It might not be as strong as it is with the other Nike models, but I do heavily appreciate it and respect it even though it's from a distance sometimes!

S: Brand new! Hopefully one that is going to grow from here.

How do you style your Air Max?

OW: Depends on which model it is, but sweat pants and baggy pants will always work with an air max 90. Even skinny Jeans, if I'm being honest.

S: Air Max have a streetwear feel to them, so I think they look good with anything. I love styling them with jeans or skirts, but I can also dress down a look by pairing them with a dress.

shoes, sneakers, nike, air max

Share your memories of previous Nike Air Max Days

OW: It's a sad memory, as I was trying my best to win a raffle for the Air Max 90 bacon - I dream of owning that shoe! Unfortunately, I lost the raffle. Still painful.

S: The first Air Max day I experienced was this year actually, and it was amazing seeing so many people celebrating the Air Max. I probably will have more in my collection next year so I can attend more Air MAx Day events from now on. 

Share your favourite Air Max to date.

OW: Air Max 90 Bacon

S: The Air Max 96

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If you could say anything to the Air Max, what would it be?

OW: You're still going strong! After all these years!

S: It's a pleasure finally meeting you!

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What does the future of Air Max look like to you?

OW: I hope for more collaborations. Nike has been really pushing the Jordan 1 and Dunk. Let's see them hopefully push the Air Max more in 2023 and beyond.

S: I can only speak on my future with Air Max and that is hopefully growing my collection.

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