5 ways to create a cosy home inspired by A/W ‘22 fashion trends

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The icy season is upon us. The days get shorter, the nights get longer, our sleeves and bottoms gain just the right amount of fabric to warm us up, and there’s nothing we want more than to enjoy a sanctuary of cosines, warmth, and comfort. 

Our homes are often perceived as an extension of ourselves - our tastes, living structure, and movement patterns. But have you ever considered what a home that exquisitely marries fashion and decor in 2022 would look like?

This season, we’re putting the alignment between fashion and decor to the test. 

It goes without saying that fashion and decor trends - although congruous with one another - are separate entities informed by factors unique to each realm. However, like all parallels, there exists a perfect point of convergence somewhere in between - that space where everything seamlessly merges together to make sense.

Here are 5 ways to not only wear the trends but to live in them too. 

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Daniel Lee’s Bottega Green sparked an entire green movement. Since then, we’ve witnessed the resurgence of this mighty hue - in various tones and shades - in fashion and decor trends. 

As we spend less time outdoors and retreat into our homes, bringing the outdoors indoors as a way of connecting with nature, is key. Details such as plants create an atmosphere that mirrors the tranquility and serenity one would find outside. 

Green is in, so you don’t have to play small and limit your space to plants. Green furniture in rich textures - such as suede and velvet - adds depth, allure, and character to your home while simultaneously ushering in a breath of fresh air. And if you want to go the extra mile, a splash of green paint as the backdrop for your living space is exactly the right accent wall statement. 

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If there’s one thing to be learned from the A/W ‘22 runways, it’s that EXTRA is back. Embellishments, sequins, and dazzling accessories bedecked the catwalk, so let your lighting illuminate your home. 

Lighting expert, Valentina Gori, predicts in Home and Gardens’ Lighting trends 2022 – see the beautiful designs set to brighten our homes next year, that "thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed and carefully crafted ceiling lights will transform rooms. Lighting will become a starting point for design rather than being left until last.”

Although sometimes overlooked, lighting plays a vital role in curating your desired cosy space. Create a design focal point with daring and intricate lighting or indulge in it for its primary purpose - setting the mood. Opt for lighting with darker undertones or go natural with candles for the ultimate 'ooh la la' effect.

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Whether you attribute its comeback to pure nostalgia or its inherent practicality, leather has reclaimed its throne. We’re not just adorning it in details like bags and boots, we’re going the whole nine yards and wearing it from head to toe, so why not invite it into our homes? 

Previously limited to neutral colours, this time around, leather arrives in any colour you can dream of. This trend is for minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between which makes it an ideal piece to style. 

Add a refined touch and warmth to your space with this natural material. Go for statement couches and chairs, contrast them with soft or textured details, and get ready to welcome people into your home.

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Truth or dare? We’re daring you anyway... to rock one colour in your wardrobe and in your living space. We’ve seen it executed to the utmost precision on the runway and we will admit, the decor counterpart of this trend may require a bit more effort. But who doesn’t love a challenge? 

“With obstacles so abundant, why would someone bother curating a monochromatic space at all? The answer is simple: because monochromatic rooms, when done right, are absolutely stunning. Every single-color space begins with a daring decision and ends looking incredibly bold,” reflects Lindsey Lanquist in 22 Rooms That Do Monochromatic Color Schemes the Right Way. 

Monochrome spaces - when done right - are both picturesque and incredibly unique. Play around with different variations of your chosen colour to add rhythm into your space and contrast with neutrals for harmony, or pops of colour that complement your base colour - statement couches, wall art, and cushions are a good place to start. For cosiness, explore deep yet vibrant colours like reds, blues, and oranges.

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There’s no better time than now for your home to get its groove on. Fashion is obsessed with retro and we have a feeling your home will be too. 

Not only is this trend cost-effective, but it’s also an excellent way to incorporate those pieces you thrifted or your grandparents beloved items into your home. The best part about retro is that the styling options are limitless and it rests on one intention, infusing charm and charisma into your home. 

Spruce up your space with retro this season and pair with modern elements for a refined finish. Think vintage carpets with glass tables, warm hues such as brown, mustard and tangerine and wooden shelves/racks/drawers. Nothing says cosy quite like nostalgic pieces that look like they were made for good memories.

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