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Writer: Helen Wallace | Images: supplied

One scroll through the feed of content creator, Eleigh Kheswa, and you immediately see that neat and neutral is her thing. That, and the occasional bold, red lip.

She manages to make simple look sophisticated – a philosophy that relates to her beauty and style choices.

This season, Eleigh will be making some room for bright colours, fresh scents, and light fabrics to stimulate the senses.

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Beauty Basics

When it comes to her beauty routine, Eleigh keeps things easy but no-less-effective. “I believe in a 3-step routine: a foaming face wash, a lightweight moisturiser, and a gel-textured sunscreen. Some evenings, I will use a retinol serum too,” she says.

She also has her makeup application – which is done to a soundtrack of Doja Cat and BIA – down to a precise art. “I have a set formula: foundation, highlighter, bronzer, mascara, brows, and lipgloss or lipstick. In that order.”

For this Spring/Summer season, however, she wants to take her canvas to colourful new heights.

“I want to experiment with bright eyeliners and glossy eyeshadows. I really love that look,” says Eleigh.

“As for my Spring/Summer beauty palette? Lavender, pink, royal blue, mint green, and butter yellow will all be making a feature.”

Something Eleigh knows is that fragrance has the power to transport and transform. A combination of fresh and creamy floral, zesty citrus, and sweet berries notes is her idea of the perfect Spring/Summer seasonal scent to elevate balmy days and nights.

When asked what she loves most about the pieces she is wearing for this campaign?

"The colour! Lavender is the colour for summer. And I love a monochromatic look," she says.

Press play and watch how Eleigh is rocking her lavender look this spring:

Spring/Summer Style

Much like her beauty regimen, Eleigh tends to keep her style paired down. But it depends on her mood.

“I often find myself gravitating to neutral colours, loose pants and jeans, and plain tees. And I almost always have flat shoes on,” she explains.

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Aside from her trusty and versatile Levi’s 501 shorts, natural cotton and linen, as well as smooth satin fabrics are Eleigh’s go-to warm-weather textures.

Even better if they come together to create a sleek monochromatic look in one of the season’s trending shades.

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Eleigh believes that style is individualistic and that knowing yourself on the inside is key to how you present yourself on the outside in a way that is simultaneously comfortable and authentic.

“Have fun with your style this season, and don’t take it too seriously,” she advises.

“Remember: a beautiful pair of shoes, sunglasses or a handbag can elevate any basic look!”

5 minutes with Eleigh

If you could bottle the smell of summer, which fruits, flowers + natural scents would you bottle?

Peonies, marigold, almond milk, raspberry, amber, pink pepper, bergamot.

In summer, my skin feels…

soft and hydrated

In summer, I smell like…

Michael Kors Wonderlust EDP or Jo Malone Peony Blush Suede

Shopping for clothing is….


My style is…

Individualistic, but also eclectic

My top 5 styling tips are…

Know yourself

Confidence is key

Quality over quantity

A beautiful pair of shoes, sunglasses, or handbag can elevate any basic look

Have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously

When I’m getting dressed, I like to listen to...

Audrey Nuna (lately). I play the whole album from start to end.

If I could drink a cocktail for my skin, it would be…

Anything with matcha, collagen, and vitamin c.

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