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Ready to shake off those winter layers and stand out in style this summer?

Then look no further than our very own label, Superbalist. Whether you’re searching for sunshine-ready staples or new-season silhouettes, we’ve got you covered in the womenswear, menswear, and kidswear departments.

For a closer look at what you can expect from our SUPer in-house brand, which summer trends to buy into, and colours to covet, we reached out to the creative teams behind the name.

Scroll down and meet this season's new go-to label.


Bursting with delicious hues, free-flowing shapes, and summer-ready staples, our label Superbalist has all the ingredients you need to create daily sartorial sensations that look good while still embodying your individual style.

“The Summer range is all prints, texture, and bright bold colours. This makes for a nice change from the winter neutrals. I am most excited about our bold graphic printed tees, fresh new dress styles, and tiered statement silhouettes, not forgetting about all the sets making summer dressing so easy,” says Senior Superbalist Designer, Tina Swigelaar.

An urban professional, the Superbalist woman loves fashion but also knows which trends suit her and her lifestyle best. Her ability to mix up-to-the-minute pieces and accessories with perennial classics makes her wardrobe feel fresh while still maintaining an air of longevity.

On weekdays, you can find her joining morning Zoom calls or lunch meetings in sleek trousers paired with tops featuring cute details or prints. Over the weekend, she can be seen strolling in elevated activewear that can take her to brunch and beyond.

“The aesthetic embraces fashion in a cool way that doesn’t try too hard,” shares Tina.

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Who is the label designed for?

Superbalist is a modern lifestyle brand for urban professionals. When we are designing for her, we look at what would be relevant for her lifestyle along with what is happening in fashion - from runway to Instagram trends and everything in between - together with pieces which she has purchased in the past.

Through our data and surveys, we can clearly see which prints and silhouettes she loves. And with our trend research, we can make sure we have the fashion forward styles, so it’s always a combination of the new + exciting with what our customer already loves.

Could you describe the brand’s personality?

Optimistic, fun, and a touch cheeky. The brand embraces fashion and a love for newness, but is never a fashion victim.

Tell us more about the S/S ‘21 collection. What was the main inspiration/influence for the collection?

Summer is all about new fun colours, easy + feminine silhouettes, and joyful prints. We’re finishing that off with comfy footwear, craft tote bags, and a cool headscarf.

What are the key pieces/colours/silhouettes the customer should consider adding to their wardrobes this Summer season?

We’re loving all the mint and melon tones - the brighter, the better. Bold florals and gingham print in every colour are also some of our favourite trends.

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Created with the modern man in mind, our label Superbalist aims to fill men’s wardrobes with basics and new-season pieces, both of which are key to building cool yet considered outfits able to take you from work to weekend.

“The key colour and print themes this season are Refined Resort, which takes inspiration from a typical nautical palette, but refreshed with pastel colour. All the stripes and prints that you would expect and pieces that are comfort-focused but leave you looking sharp,” says Senior Menswear Designer, Chris Dell.

Naturally confident and ambitious, the Superbalist man has a keen sense of style. Whether he is having morning meetings over flat whites or taking his significant other to their favourite dinner spot, he is always sartorially sharp, but with a youthful and fun edge.

“Another key trend we are highlighting is Elevated Retro. A little bit more vibrant and spice-toned palette with retro geometric prints especially onto shirts and shorts,” shares Chris.


What the team says:

Could you describe the brand’s personality?

Urban fashion that's effortlessly cool, within reach, and locally relevant.

Who is the label designed for? Or who does the label Superbalist aspire to dress?

These customers build on their existing wardrobes with new seasonal items that refresh and update their look and keep them fresh without being a fashion victim. There's an ease and sophistication here that's not out of reach.

When you’re designing, do you have an ideal man in mind?

He's self-assured but not arrogant, naturally confident and doesn't need to try hard. He has a balance of being ambitious but still knows how to have fun - works hard and plays hard.


What is the key aesthetic?

The aesthetic is fairly clean and paired down. He likes to keep things simple, but he remains up to date. The best way to describe him would be 'Modern'.

Tell us more about the S/S ‘21 collection. What was the main inspiration/influence for the collection?

Our lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last year. Many of us are now WFH and the way we socialise also looks very different, so we aim to create comfortable and versatile fashion that's able to accommodate and adapt to all these different scenarios .

What are the key pieces/colours/silhouettes the customer should consider adding to their wardrobes this Summer season?

Relaxed silhouettes rule this season. Key pieces that should be added include resort shirts and matching shorts, loose-fitting trousers, striped tees, and soft matching sets. As for colour, think pastels as well as neutrals.

Could you give us insight into the design process? How do you start? How do you decide which pieces will go into production and form part of the collection?

We always start with the research - what's happening on the streets, at trade fairs and in the designer’s presentations abroad. We combine these with a “'what is our customer enjoying at the moment?” approach.

We interpret this information with our customer in mind and put together capsules and seasonal drops that go live on our site every week. We're always looking at what speaks to our customer and working on new-and-improved fits and fabrics to offer a more comprehensive collection based on what he loves. It’s like a feedback loop.

Obviously, over time we have gotten to know our guy and can cater better to his needs and that is always the basis of what we design and produce.


No two kids are the same, so why should their fashion be?

Our collection for kids caters for their multifaceted personalities and puts the fun into fashion, and ease into organising everyday wardrobes. With great value and comfort at its core, you are guaranteed to find something for the playground and for playdates from our Superbalist label.

“When designing for the brand, the child that comes to mind is that of the cool and style-savvy millennial parent with a keen interest in fashion and can easily sync their kids' wardrobe with their own, while still allowing them to have fun and look cute. Call it mini-me styling, if you will. It's fashionable kidswear designed for every day, city life”, says David West, Head of Design.

For girls, it's not always about wearing pink. There are more interesting and contemporary options out there these days.

“Positivity in graphics continues to be key this season and around the world. Being the main focus when designing graphics, my designs are led by uplifting, compassionate slogans with a touch of my interpretation of the smiley trend”, says Laila Simon, Girlswear designer

For our busy boys, we have all the comfortable staples as well as fresh new colours, graphics, and printed fashion to boost the cool factor of their everyday wardrobes.

“Key trends such as NASA [also available for girls] are a must-have. And for older boys, gaming and space themes are always in our range.”

A word from the team:

Gugu Zulu, Boyswear Designer

Could you describe the kids you design for?

We design for kids that are active daily and looking for comfortable clothes to run around and play with, as well as comfort for your everyday occasions.

When you’re designing, what are the key factors you consider?

Comfort is key.

Tell us more about the S/S ‘21 collection.

The main overarching themes for next season include outdoor adventure, camping, positivity, and space.

What are the key pieces should the customer consider adding to their kids' wardrobes this summer?

Tees are huge with graphic prints and oversized styles taking center stage. Shorts are also a key staple, offering more movement than trousers or jeans afford. Our collection comprises bermuda, fleece styles, and more.

Could you give us insight into the design process? How do you start? How do you decide which pieces will go into production and form part of the kidswear collection?

We start off by working off the trend research provided by our creative design team. And then, as buyers we do local and international competitor analysis to identify new trends and any missed opportunities from the previous season.

We base it on shapes that are currently trending. For example, loungewear has been the key trend since lockdown last year, and with most people indoors and working from home, we ensure that we cover easy and stretchy knits especially for active kids

We decide on our final collections based on pieces that go well together to create a complete look and story and based on the fit.


Laila Simon, Girlswear Designer

Tell us more about the S/S ‘21 collection. What was the main inspiration for the collection?

Our SS21 collection is inspired by the delight of South Africa’s beautiful changing seasons and the excitement that spring awakens. From the pastel colors of a blooming garden to the golden hues that reflect off the clouds, we use these feel-good and vibrant elements to create a fun-filled range for all.

How can we make our girl’s wardrobe more interesting for summer?

Try adding new and interesting silhouettes such as puff-sleeved styles, as well as tiered tops and dresses. Fun colours and cute new prints are the quickest and easiest way to shake up their wardrobes.

Key colours of the season range from soft to baked pastel, sophisticated neutrals, gorgeous, garden, and cottage floral inspired shades to the delicate and muted shades of the shoreline. And key prints to consider are meadow and garden florals,cottage checks, ocean-inspired designs and abstract retro-vibe patterns.

How do you ensure that the kidswear is comfortable?

Comfort and easy-to-wear pieces are core values that run through our ranges. Details like elasticated cuffs, pull-on waistbands, detachable straps all contribute to keeping kids most comfortable.

When it comes to fabrics, we’ve opted for soft, breathable natural fabrics that will keep them cool as the temperatures rise.

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