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Words: Leila Petersen | Images: Supplied

New Year’s fitness goals have a notoriously short, shelf life. Add to that the fact that we’ve been in lockdown, working from home and experiencing a major pandemic; well let's just say there’s been zero motivation to work out. To help activate your fitness routine again and achieve your personal goals, we’ve enlisted the help of personal trainer and owner of Shifitness, Shihaam Hendricks. Here the fitness guru gives us the lowdown on everything from her 10-minute workout to get you toned to how to choose the perfect trainer.

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My journey started after my first pregnancy and the birth of my now 10-year-old son. Everyday, when I looked in the mirror, I was not happy with what I saw. I was unhappy with my physical appearance and how fatigued I felt. It was then that I decided to make a change. As I progressed and saw the changes, it motivated me to want more and do more; I started pushing myself even harder. As I shared my journey on my instagram, I saw how it inspired other women. I knew that moving forward, I wanted to inspire women so they could feel as amazing as I did. That is when I decided to pursue my fitness journey.

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Fitness is not about suffering until you achieve your desired result - it’s about enjoying every minute of the journey and pushing to be better for yourself.

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When it comes to my workout gear, fit and fabrics are super important. I love apparel that’s flexible and able support any type of workout. Some of my best pieces are from Nike. Their garments are practical, comfortable and stylish.

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Because fitness practically blends into my lifestyle, my closet consists mostly of activewear. As I'm constantly creating content for social media, I try to make a concerted effort to keep things new and fresh. Everyone likes to look good, I just happen to use fitness wear. Matching sets are my go-to outfits, not only do they help me streamline my closet but they take the guesswork out of what to wear in the morning.

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There are no specific colours, shapes or trends that I prefer. I usually just choose what catches my eye and whether the fit is good and comfortable. Most importantly, activewear needs to be practical for my everyday needs.

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No matter your workout style, when it comes to footwear, always opt for trainers that feature ‘breathable’ fabrics. To help you perform your best and avoid injury choose footwear that matches your fitness style. Running shoes are specifically designed for the heel-to-toe movement while training shoes are better equipped for multi-directional movements. But before you start training consult a person who is trained to prescribe appropriate footwear as the specs will differ depending on your needs. My personal favourite trainer is the Nike Zoom.

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My quick and easy home workout always consists of: wall sits, standard squats, push ups with knees on the floor, shoulder taps, burpee holds and mountain climbers. Spend 30 seconds on each workout and repeat the set 3 times, with a 10 to 15 second rest between each. Quick, easy and impactful – this workout is perfect for the entire family.

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My husband and I love working out together. We try to fit it in as much as we can in the week depending on our working hours. My son and I try and do boxing together so that we get to spend time alone and keep fit at the same time. My daughter is only a year old but she is always joining in on my zoom classes and at times I take her with me to my studio. That way she is always part of my daily routine and we also get to play together while I am working.

We love going on hikes as a family. We try to keep our weekend family activities very fitness- orientated because exercise is a great way to keep healthy and is 100% necessary for child development. We also do bicycle rides on a Sunday with the kids.

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All you really need for your training at home is a yoga mat and some resistance bands to take your body weight training to the next level. These items are small but can impact your exercise routine greatly. They are also cost-effective if you’re on a tight budget so it’s really the easiest thing you can do to improve your home training experience.

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I don’t really have ‘top’ songs, but I do love listening to Kyle Watson and Neelix - or any other upbeat tracks as it gets me going.

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It’s more like my work bag – haha! Firstly, food of course. I always have an extra clothing to change into after a sweaty workout; whey protein, pre-workout, water and definitely more snacking food (you can keep an eye out on my Instagram stories to see exactly what I eat during the day!).

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