5 ways to create a living space that’ll make you want to stay home

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Words: Hayden Horner | Images: Sanri Pienaar

With the second wave, extended social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place, now is the perfect time to address improvements that need to be made to your home.

Yes, the festive season and back-to-school commitments may have left a slight dent in your finances, but even on a limited budget, you can still take your living spaces from drab to fab.

With just a few minor additions such as simple furnishings, colourful accents and textures, and elevated essentials, your home becomes a space you’ll love to live and work in. From the living room to the kitchen, your home office and outdoor area, here are some hot tips to reinvent your home without breaking the bank.

Lounge in style

Make a stunning first impression by anchoring your living room with statement chairs, sofas and ottomans in bright colours. You can’t put a foot wrong by saturating your floor with rugs crafted from rich textures. Throw in a console and mood lighting, and your narrative changes from “stay home or else!” to “ah, let’s stay home”.

relaxing retreat

You spend approximately seven to eight hours in your bedroom. So it stands to reason that it should be one of the coziest spaces in your home. You can easily turn your bedroom into a 5-star luxury hotel retreat by simply adding a throw, crisp linen, a bohemian rug, an ottoman and ambient lighting.

Work in progress

The home office is officially the new in-demand space. But while working from home has a plethora of perks, it can be a little expensive to set up if you don’t know where to shop. Our selection of desks, chairs, great accessories and stationery means you won’t have to pilfer your piggy bank to create an office fit for a boss.

Step Outside

After a gruelling work-from-home week and with social distancing limiting your outdoor entertainment options, you won’t have to venture far by turning your outdoor space into a safe oasis with a selection of decor, furniture, cushions, rugs and planters.

Kitchen Comforts

Whether you are a serious cook or middle of the night nosher, your kitchen should be like a well-fitted workshop and yet not be cluttered. A careful selection of glassware, ceramics, cutlery, containers and even lighting can elevate your dining space “Meh!” to Michelin star quality.

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