5 Ways to radiate long after your summer holiday

Words: Hayden Horner | Images: Vogue.com

Who doesn’t enjoy the compliments we receive about our radiant, sun-kissed skin just after a long and well-deserved summer holiday? However, those compliments, much like the summer break, can be short-lived as we get back into the work grind and endless online meetings.

Luckily, there are a few ways to help retain that holiday radiance and give you that much-coveted summer glow year-round. Scroll down as we reveal our top tips and products so that you never have to say goodbye to your glowing complexion.

M block Exfoliate

Once you’re back into your usual routine, exfoliation can be particularly helpful to prevent the build-up of excess oil and dead skin cells. Dermatologists advise against using granular scrubs, brushes, course washcloths or hard scrubbing of the face. Instead, they recommend opting for ingredients that gently remove the dead outer layer of skin, clean out impurities and improve the overall health of the skin barrier without upsetting the skin’s natural pH balance.

M block cleanse

To keep your skin looking radiant and healthy, regular cleansing is essential. Not only will a good cleanse remove the build-up of dirt and grime, but it also helps your skin better absorb anti-aging products and treatments while encouraging hydration and preventing the production of excess oils. Choosing the right cleanser depends on your skin type. However, you can cut through the grease by going for a milky cleanser, as it’s one of the most commonly used and is suitable for most skin types.

M block moisturiser

The impact of cold and the dry air, environmental pollutants and even hot showers all have a damaging effect on your skin. Therefore, moisturising is essential for maintaining your natural glow and health of your skin, and summer glow. Your choice on the right type of moisturiser depends whether you have normal, dry, or oily skin. Daily moisturising will keep skin supple, soft, and hydrated over the long haul.

M block Makeup

The final and most important step to truly making your glowing skin pop, is to follow up with a dash of makeup. While we still might be logging on remotely, there is no harm in ensuring our skin still looks great even from a social distance. If you’ve followed our first four tips then your skin is already looking gorgeously luminous. However, the final touches will be your pièce de résistance. Even with just five minute until your Zoom call, all you’ll need is a few coats of mascara, bronzer, blush and a lick of lipstick. Now you’re ready for your close-up!

M block sweat it out

In addition to cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising your skin, a sweaty work-out can also help with the health of your skin. Research shows that sweat is essential to your body’s ability to purge the skin of harmful substances. So, the next time you hit the gym or hiking trail, make it your mission to work up a sweat. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working out.

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