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Words: Sanri Pienaar | Images: Inge Prins

The concept of home can be interpreted very differently, it all depends on who you ask. If you love to cook, home is good food, a great kitchen and even better company. If you are a collector, home is a gallery space to surround yourself with and display all your treasures. When self-love Sunday is an everyday thing, creating the perfect boudoir is a must. And for the plant parents among us, sunlight – and a lot of it – is key. 

Home means something different for each of us, but most would agree that it describes a feeling and a space where we are most comfortable. Never has that been more important than right now, when our homes are working overtime as our safe space, workplace and living space. But what makes each of ours unique? When I think about my home, I love seeing it for all its possibilities. I spend way too much time daydreaming about which walls to paint, veggies to propagate and rooms to rearrange. And in the wise words of fabulous textile designer  William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Marie Kondo would be proud.


Thabisa Mjo, Mash.T Design Studio founder

“Home is where the heart is, so I say people make a house a home.” 

Karen Tennent, homeware editor + writer 

“I have a mixed aesthetic and a collection of furniture that ranges from new to inherited, but one thing that all of my pieces have in common is that they have meaning. From a pair of turquoise ceramic foo dogs that belonged to my grandmother to a framed photograph that I bought while on a trip to Zanzibar, my decor speaks to my personality and loves, which includes lots of plants. By surrounding myself with beautiful things that I cherish, I’ve been able to transform my apartment into a characterful home.”

Lize Dekker, City Sessions owner

“It's important to remind yourself of who you are, where you’ve been, all the epic journeys you have been on and all the people you’ve met. Displaying pictures of family, friends and travels always makes me feel at home. Not only can beautifully framed images be decorative, they also remind you of wonderful times and experiences you have had. My house is a mixed bag of the sentimental, colours and objects that provide me immense joy and recharge my soul.

I have a big gallery wall filled with artworks and collectables I’ve gathered and made over the years. There’s nothing more satisfying than displaying your own creation among other artworks in your home. Revamping old, outdated objects is also an easy way of turning them into something that you love again – and having fun in the process. It’s all about creating a space to recharge and find your inner creative being. It’s one of the places you have complete control over, so make it yours.”


We chatted to our Superbalist experts, too, on how to create your own sanctuary.

Chevaune Morrison, Home + Living buying manager

“My home is a collection of new and old things – bits and pieces from my travels that spark a happy memory, an old chair from the sidewalk of an antique shop or a new piece of art that makes me proud because I saved up for months. My home is my home because it tells my story. Now more than ever, we need to create a space for ourselves that ticks all the boxes. Those heirlooms will bring you joy, so pull them out of the storeroom and give them a special place to live. Anything leafy and green will bring new life to your space and encourage productivity. And with winter around the corner, make sure you have a chunky knit throw within arm’s reach, so you're always comfy and cosy.”

Danielle Timm, Home + Living assistant buyer

“My home is a safe, fun and warm place. I’ve managed to move things around and use the space I had to make it comfortable as a new workspace as well. I added rugs in the lounge and bedrooms to give my home a warmer feel, especially with winter coming up.I try and keep it stress-free and happy by changing things up to suit my mood, for example changing the cushion covers in the lounge and the bedding so it doesn't feel like you stuck in the same place and creates a different look.”

Lauren Nesbitt, Home + Living buyer 

“Tips for turning your home into a lockdown haven? Make the most of what you have already. 

  1. Carve out a sacred space: Set out an area where you can get a break from the chaotic work week – either a chair next to a windowsill or an entire room. Add fresh flowers, candles or your current read.
  2. Turn that never used ‘showroom’ spare bedroom into a space that you can actually use. I removed the spare bed and created an art studio/home office. No guests allowed.
  3. Bring the outdoors in: Cut some shrubbery and create a delicate flower arrangement using your favourite vase. You can get creative here and change it up weekly.
  4. Turn off the bright, stark ceiling lighting and opt for a layered lighting ambience using candles or moody floor lamps. 

Mishqah Corbett, Home + Living assistant buyer

“My home aesthetic is a combination of east meets west: classic vintage and modern pieces across the house. Spacious to add depth. A room full of framed poetry and paintings we wrote and painted as kids keeping memories alive. I recently started to add more scatter cushions and throws for more colour and warmth. My house is love. Each piece is what we chose and made it our home. With winter on our doorsteps, add some cosiness... the snuggly throw pillows, soft lights, stash some slippers by the door, rethink your sofa and put your memories on display.”

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