The Art of Collaboration

Meet the local artists behind our creative series


Images: Supplied | Design: Kelly Poole

Creativity doesn’t die in isolation and we’re here to prove it. From The Art of Lifting One’s Spirits by Ben Eagle to The Art of Lunging + Lounging by African Ginger, our creative series – The Art of – was a chance for us to connect and collaborate with some of our favourite painters, illustrators and creators across the country. Why? To inspire you for 30 days with something beautiful every day, of course. Each artist created three delightful works of art inspired by our fashion and homeware offering. Curious to get to know the creatives behind the artworks a little better? We’ve asked them to share three words in response to three rapid-fire questions about themselves and their work. Who said creativity and numbers don’t mix?

ben eagle m1

About your artistic style: “Cool, calm, colourful.”

About colour: “Brightens your day.”

About lifting your spirit: “Add more colour.”

Daisie Jo M2

About your artistic style:Spoeg en plak.”

About getting over the fear of mixing media: “Honesty over perfection.”

About self-care currently: “Karoo slow-living.”

Keneilwe Mothoa m3

About your artistic style: “Utopian, vibrant, contemporary.”

About imperfections: “Complete, rare, improvement.”

About what brings you total delight: “Creating, food and love.”

African Ginger m4

About your artistic style: “Weird, weird, weird.”

About how long it takes: “About six hours.”

About Zoom meetings: “Rather call me.”

Yay Abe m5

About your artistic style: “Flat, graphic, fun.”

About why your characters are so damn happy: “Me, I’m happy.“

About being a kid: “Take me back.”

Curious Lauren m6

About your artistic style: “Creativity for good.”

About experimenting with fashion illustrations: “Dream come true.”

About dressing up for yourself: “Practising self-love.”

Grace Cross m7

About your artistic style: “Colourful, bold, playful.”

About creativity with limitations: “Intimate, inventive, isolated.”

About how you cocoon: “Bundled, soft, delicate.”

Sinenhlanhla Chauke M8

About your artistic style: “Colourful, experimental, fun.”

About what inspires you: “Interiors, photography, humanity.”

About keeping calm in crazy times: “Self-care, shopping, communication.”

Ninjabreadboy m9

About your artistic style: “Textures create depth.”

About what tattoos mean to you: “Awareness, interaction, tools.”

About the art of balance: “Balance isn't art.”

Amy Ayanda m10

About your artistic style: “Vibrant, intuitive, flowing.”

About creativity in isolation: “Scary, impulsive, magic.”

About what inspires you: “Imagination, magic, female form.”

Danica Ricciardi m11

About your artistic style: “Detailed, gentleness, digital.”

About illustrating your first children's book: “Daunting, rewarding, fun.”

About what your art has taught you: “Patience, identity, intuition.”