Lessons from My Mom

Because she always knows best


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There are few people who knew us before we even knew ourselves, loving us fully and fiercely as we came into our own. Whether that’s the mom who birthed you, the mom who chose you, the grandmother who may have raised you or the older sister who tended to you as if you were her very own – this one goes out to all the incredible women who made us who we are. We didn’t expect them to be super-strong or an endless well of self-sacrifice or wisdom each and every day, but we’re grateful for all the times that they were. This Mother’s Day comes with a few unexpected changes and doing things a little differently, but our feelings remain unchanged, whatever mother means to you. Dear mama, here’s a small dedication to you from Superbalist HQ to show you that we were listening the whole time. And we’re all the better for it. Thank you for all the big and small (...but no-less-important) lessons that we’ll never forget, from influencing your food with your mood to wearing fresh undies, because you never know what might happen.

Kira Gimpel m1

“There's nothing soap and hot water can't fix!” Danielle Theron

“Every day in every way, you learn something new.” Ziyaad Bassier

"My mum taught me the importance of being kind to yourself, to always hug it out after a big fight and that a cup of tea can fix almost anything." Kira Gimpel

“Always put effort behind your dreams.” Albe Brink

“Always smell good, you never know who you will walk into, and wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident.” Deon Peterson

Kelly Fung m2

“Leggings are not pants. And that an entire tin of condensed milk, with a hole punctured into the top, makes for a great sweet treat.” Annette Minnaar

“My mother taught me that every little thing in life should be celebrated (with champagne) and to always choose joy above all else.” Lorraine Hattingh

“This tiger mama taught me many important life lessons, but one thing stands out, and that is her insisting on being religious about skincare. Sleep, water, no smoking and a kick-ass moisturiser are non-negotiable.” Kelly Fung

“Nothing is so permanent as a temporary solution.” Sanri Pienaar

"My mom taught me to never give up." Nicola Adams

Lincoln Mzwakali m4

“To always take a break and take care of me – the world can wait. No matter how busy you are, like the fact that an exam is tomorrow, switch off, walk away, go listen to the birds and watch the trees outside or do something that will make you relax and recharge.” Tshiamo Poonyane

“It’s not where you come from, but where you are going to… never forget that.” Keshia Chapman

“Love without prejudice, no matter who you are, where you come from and where you've been.” Lincoln Mzwakali

“My mother taught me to play netball, read books, sing along to the Beatles – and always be confident enough to ask for what I want.” Kim Garner

“The lesson my mother taught me was to always treat your Princess Peach with the utmost respect and care.” Cameron Longbottom

Aaron Lynch m3

“She taught me that your mood always influences your food. Always cook with love and passion in your heart and the proof will be in the pudding.” Azara Amien

“My mom taught me that love can be quiet and unconditional, but it can also be tough. Being there for the people you love can take many forms and it will not always be what they expect, but it doesn't change the fact that there is love anyway. She also taught me how to caramelise onions over WhatsApp the other day, then fell asleep halfway through.” Akim Jardine

"My mom told me to always be kind, even if you don't like what they're wearing." Aaron Lynch