Two cool moms weigh in on fashion when it comes to their kids


Words: Annette Minnaar | Photography: Aart Verrips

Oh, the joys of dressing your kids, right? While there are countless moments of adorableness overload and Instagram-worthy looks, there is also slight trepidation around topics arisen from an attuned status quo. Whether you are concerned about age-appropriate attire, the reinforcement of gender stereotypes through fashion or the balance between personal style, functionality and then, of course, societal standards — it seems like dressing your kids is no thoughtless matter.

When it comes to kidswear, we say: personal style has no age limit and fashion comes without rules. Our latest kidswear campaign championed family and self-expression through fashion, regardless of age, sporting the likes of influential social media personalities with a flair for fashion and, of course, adorable kids. We caught up with editor Zodwa Kumalo and photographer Angie Durrant about their experiences of fashion for their kids.



When did your little ones start caring about fashion?

I didn’t pay attention to it or encourage it until recently when we shopped online together for their winter clothing. I usually just buy online or in stores and see something on sale or their dad buys for them. I was quite surprised at how unique their choices and individual tastes are. Ruby, age 7, has a visceral reaction to orange and pink. And one of her favourite lines, while we were scrolling, was: “There’s too much red. I can’t wear too much red.” But I did convince her to buy a pair of beautiful pink-and-red sneakers on the site, so I think she’s just flexing for now.

Maya, age 9, has become quite the tween when it comes to her fashion taste — I feel like it’s happened overnight. I often catch her selecting her outfit the day before, very carefully and thoughtfully. She was quite upset when I told her she couldn’t wear a dress her aunt gave her, because it was too grown-up. I had to explain to her that sometimes even if a dress fits her, it doesn’t mean it’s age-appropriate, which unleashed a whole conversation about silhouettes and the way clothes are made.

Where did you get your children's style inspiration — from yourself or others?

Well, yes, mostly me, given that I was doing most of the buying. They both know I don’t approve of cartoon characters on their clothing unless they look like them. But, Maya loves music videos and Ruby loves anime so there is definitely some influence and inspiration from there.

How would you describe your little ones’ style?

Maya is in a grunge/emo stage. She loves ripped black jeans, interesting tops with tie fronts or a visually appealing print, leatherette anything and whatever makeup I let her get away with.

Ruby is terribly concerned about not looking like a boy, but most of her choices involve the colour blue (which, annoyingly, is often associated with boys’ clothing). She chooses long, flowing dresses, T-shirts with illustrated foxes and owls, gumboots and dainty sandals. I’m still trying to figure out what her style is.

What is the best part of shopping for kids’ clothes?

Seeing another side to them is such a treat. It makes them feel that their opinion matters and they have a voice, which is being heard. Being able to express yourself is such a joy. It’s a great way to bond and I learned something new about each of them and even how they relate to one another. They make jokes about one another’s choices, encourage each other and even remind the other that the item selection is too expensive.



When did your little ones start caring about fashion?

I have always loved dressing them up. It's always been something fun for us to do, but I'd say that Nina James has really started loving it lately now that she's become more aware of the things she likes. She loves putting all sorts of things together.

Where did you get Nina James' style inspiration — from yourself or others?

It's funny, I always dress Nina James in pieces I wish I was brave enough to wear, but don't. Haha! I have so much fun dressing her and my inspiration just comes from my love of patterns and colours.

How would you describe your little one's style?

I would describe it as awesome!

What is the best part of shopping for kids’ clothes?

The best part is imagining how damn cute they're going to look in them.

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