Kids’ Take On Fashion

What these Insta-famous little ones have to say about fashion


Words: Annette Minnaar | Photography: Aart Verrips

Superbalist’s most recent kidswear campaign spotted influencers whose brands not only champion fashion and personal style, but also parenthood. Their little ones have kept the Instagram masses in a state of broodiness over their time-to-time appearances and brought a refreshing touch of realness to the often unattainable lifestyle promoted by social media celebs.

Our Just Like Mom and Just Like Dad campaign shows how the on-trend clothes you love are also available for your kids on Superbalist. Why not kick-start their love for fashion and help them build their own stylish identities?

The endearing shoot led to even more endearing answers when we sat down to speak to the kids about fashion.

Meet the kids

Nina James Durrant
Nina, daughter of local photographer Angie Durrant and rocker James Durrant, has some seriously cool style. The spitting image of her father, with her mother’s luscious thick fringe, makes her an adorable child indeed. Her days consist of play and regular dancing sessions, as seen on Angie’s Instagram stories, and Nina finds the liberty of a dress best to play in. Her favourite colour is purple and she absolutely loves her mama’s style.

Son of suave Siphiwe Mpye, Zimele likes to adorn his style with sci-fi movie characters. His absolute favourite clothing item is his beloved Star Wars shirt that not only features Stormtroopers, but also Darth Vader. The 7-year-old’s favourite colour is light orange and thanks to his mom Mathahle Stofile, who usually dresses him (albeit he chooses his socks or shoes occasionally), his clothes make him feel “really cool”. When asked to describe what his father was wearing during the photoshoot, Zimele said, “A black jersey and his round glasses and jeans, I think. Also, black takkies and the jersey is long sleeved,” — absolutely adorable.

Ruby, the youngest daughter of Zodwa Kumalo, feels the same way as her older sister, Maya, when it comes to her gorgeous hair being her favourite feature. Her favourite colour is blue and when asked what clothing piece she likes wearing the most, Ruby said, “Um I like a shirt” — as do we, girl! She loves her mom’s style, especially when she wears dresses and says that she enjoys dressing herself without the help of anyone else.

The oldest daughter of Zodwa, Maya likes to keep her fashion laid-back and comfortable. Her favourite piece of clothing is a hoodie and she loves her mom’s style, which she describes as “casual mostly”. While she likes keeping her own style low-key, her favourite colour is a bold red. Maya’s gorgeous locks, a definite inheritance from her mom, are what makes her feel most beautiful. Although they may be shorter for now, she loves to wear them long as the perfect accessory to her style.

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