The eco dandy who’s dressing the part, in style


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Images: Supplied

Looking as comfortable in casualwear as he does wearing a waistcoat and tie is Grant Dyers. The ever-dapper environmental management inspector and occasional content creator has an enviable closet that you can catch inspiring glimpses of on Instagram, should you be searching for some style inspiration. In this edition of On the Job, get to know the suave outdoorsman, how he balances his fashion interests with his professional persona and how he gets ready for a day of work.

How would you describe your profession?

I’m responsible for implementing environmental legislation within the Western Cape to protect and conserve the environment. If there is any pollution or degradation, I ensure that the responsible party or alleged offender puts corrective measures in place. I also ensure that the public has the necessary environmental authorisations for any construction taking place in sensitive environments.


What’s a typical day at work like for you?

My days are often unpredictable, as we are a reactive unit so it depends on the number of complaints we receive. A typical day can range from being in the office attending meetings and drafting legal notices to heading out for on-site inspections and awareness-raising projects.

And how do you usually get dressed for work? What are the items that you reach for first?

Smart or business casual. I enjoy feeling comfortable in the attire I wear to work. I need to look smart enough to go to a meeting at any given time, but feel comfortable enough if I need to head out for an inspection. The things I reach for first are usually a shirt, a pair of jeans or chinos and sneakers or loafers. Lastly, cologne, a little beard oil and accessorising with some jewellery.

Do you find that working in your field informs how you dress to work?

I’m an environmental management inspector during the week and a creative content creator after hours and on weekends. I’ve always had a great passion for fashion and this has defined my style over the years. The way I dress to work has definitely been informed by my creative character. My style always sparks a comment or conversation from my colleagues – some of them call me the GQ model. Lol.

What would you never wear to work?

Tracksuit pants or flip-flops.


What are your thoughts on dressing in a personal uniform? Would it be a relief or a loss of options for you?

I can’t see myself wearing a uniform. This would be frustrating and limiting to me, because I express how I feel in the way I dress. I believe that when you dress well and look good, you feel good. Dressing in a uniform would be too restrictive.

With business dress codes becoming more relaxed, do you still see the suit as relevant in the workplace?

Business dress codes may be becoming more relaxed with people wearing clothes that are comfortable, but I still think that a suit is a good look to have. I would rather wear a suit with a T-shirt and a sneaker to give it a relaxed feel.

Do you have any personal style icons who you look to when getting dressed?

Mr Passy, Kosta Williams, Magno Scavo, Magic Fox and David Beckham, of course.

What would you say is distinctive about your style?

I love hats. I also have a retro style and wear classic items that I modernise with something fresh.

Lastly, sneakers or loafers?

Sneakers. If I could wear them every day I would. I have a great passion for acquiring them and I've cultivated a substantial collection over the years.