What the super stylish are wearing this season


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Styling: Akim Jardine | Images: Bevan Davis + Supplied

With glorious sunny destinations on the horizon, it’s time to turn up the heat in our closets to suit the new weather, friends. But with so many trends popping up all over the place, as they do, what to wear first – if at all? Denim shorts? A Cuban-collared shirt? Birkenstocks or bucket hats? To help us navigate summer, three trendsetters share their go-to styles to keep things fresh this season, whether they’re chilling out, maxing, relaxing at home or heading away to a leisurely holiday getaway.


“Two-piece sets are a central part of my wardrobe. They are casual enough for airy summer days, but still make enough impact to transition to balmy summer night gatherings. The palm print on this dark set makes it perfect for an inner-city escape, finished off with slick accessories to add some polish to the overall look.”

Fhatuwani is an art director and cofounder of creative agency I See A Different You


“I pulled together my summer edit while musing on the perfect holiday in the sun. But the perfect summer getaway is different for everyone: a weekend up the coast, a trip through the Winelands or even just a sundowner on a Friday evening. I chose these pieces because they give the perfect balance between versatility and simplicity. All the things you need on a fashionable summer holiday.”

Gregory Russill is a freelance fashion stylist, living and working in Cape Town. He studied digital marketing and loves travelling, photography, good food and spending time with his friends.


“The holiday essentials I believe every person should own are, in an ideal world, chosen for a day spent out on the Atlantic Coast. You never know when the wind could pick up or if you'll decide to attend a slightly fancier affair later. These pieces aren’t very bold, but they certainly say something about the person who wears them: confident and ready for anything.”

Mario Ogle is a Cape Town-based culture enthusiast, entrepreneur and musician. He doesn’t consider himself a one-trick pony.