Dear Summer

Fashion editor Akim Jardine’s ode to a sentimental season


Photography: Luke Kuisis


Imagine the sheer panic as I begin to write this, my love letter to summer, knowing that I passionately detest the way the air in warm weather seems to suffocate me. “Dear Summer, you’re sweaty, stifling and you make me feel gross,” might not quite cut it. And, admittedly, you arrive with undeniable optimism (euphoria, is that you?). Our wardrobes owe it to you to follow suit. You’ll thank yourself for light, easy dressing that allows you to take in every experience without worrying about the way winter forced you to prioritise survival. While the world around us becomes more frenetic, we want clothes that are simpler and make us feel good, without any of the bells and whistles, so that we can focus on celebrating the beauty of summer; how every colour seems brighter, every taste feels heightened and pure bliss is buzzing around us. 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


You taste like piña colada, without getting caught in the rain. I daydream about longer days with those closest to me, trying to find a bit of shady escape from the sun while sipping on fruity cocktails. You remind me of my childhood; running to the store to find jelly-flavoured sticky ice lollies that I would devour before making it back home. Your swirl of sweet ice-cream colours and satin-soft touch conjure delightful nostalgia of a time past. 


You are the cooling saltwater sea spray that dances in the breeze on a warm day by the beach with the sun kissing my skin. I look forward to the feeling of throwing on an oversized lightweight shirt that billows in the wind, slipping into sandals, bringing to life a laid-back fantasy of lounging by the French Riviera.


Your kiss is warm, inviting and irresistibly flirtatious. You tell a dreamy love story where romantic mini dresses, wistful floral prints and delicate embroidery take centre stage. 

While women the world over continue fighting to be heard, seen and taken seriously, the brief comfort and relaxation that you bring is a welcome pause, where we can all disarm and return to feel-good femininity. Yours is a different kind of passion; a gentle love and appreciation for the beauty that is around us.

You may have your challenges and while I don’t take well to sweat, you are a joyful bit of reverie that I couldn’t live without. Those moments lying on the floor, hoping that the ground provides some temporary relief from your furnace, are also the ones that give us time to consider what’s important. This time around, you want us to go back to basics, live slowly, do less, reflect on the beauty of the world and experience blissful abandon. This, dear Summer, is why I love thee.

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