Kelly Fung explores the season's new mood

L-block spring

Words: Kelly Fung | Photography: Luke Kuisis

The theme of women empowerment perseveres on the frontline of fashion as we continue to undermine the warped ideals that arise from racism, sexism and single-minded views on beauty. “You do you” – not only a clever word combo, but an appropriate sentiment that has been buzzing around for a few years now. And even though it is not a new idea, like many fashion trends, it remains relevant, driving home a heartfelt message of self-acceptance.

So, we blow kisses to the back of winter and look forward to a brand new season that fittingly reflects the power of femininity. Amid the chaos of modern life, we naturally look to an escape, finding ourselves drawn to simplicity and a sense of calm. What better way than to turn to dreamy, uncomplicated, feel-good dressing. Think slip dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, flattering paperbag-waist shorts worn with unfussy button-down resort shirts, barely there sandals and whimsical florals. Effortless pieces that allow for ease of movement in sorbet shades. May seem obvious for spring, except this time, they’ve been updated with unexpected flashes of fluoro.

M1 Spring

Warning: tie-dye will be on repeat on summer’s playlist. There’s no escaping the swirls of colour that nod to that carefree spirit of the 60s. In its modern iteration however, it takes on a more refined and sophisticated feel, which means its less Californian hippie and more colour kaleidoscope.

Moving forward from the wild statement tees of yester-season, fashion has always been our very own billboard to express our personal message. On the flipside, sometimes we just need to know what to wear to work.

Women are busy. We have places to be. We are getting things done.

For a healthy dose of reality, we see the theme of utility rear it’s very functional head once again. There is a spotlight on the cargo trouser as the definite comeback kid, with way more pockets (almost as big as your handbag) and useful enough to let you get on with your day hands-free, hassle-free. Beyond the cool khaki palette, the beauty of this year’s utility trend means clothes should multitask, because you have to, too.

M2 Spring

The other best thing about dressing this season is that the less complicated the better. Don’t overthink the styling. Slip on that square-neck, pouffe-sleeved dress and wear it, just as it is. A stiff pencil skirt with little to no wiggle room? Pass. Try an airy, shin-skimming slip skirt that moves as easily as the wind blows. Tuck in an oversized tee and nothing else.

From cargo pants and neutral tones to happy-go-lucky florals and frivolous neon, this season is both a spoonful of life in the real world as well as fantastical, dreamy escapism. Conversations around feminism, femininity and the complexities of being a woman today have initiated a long overdue furor that underpins this season’s most valuable style lesson: to uphold what is important to you, to honour what reflects your truth; to own it and to wear it proudly, so that you can keep doing you.

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