8 separates to bring up the heat

The key pieces to refresh your wardrobe

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Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Photography: Aart Verrips

After months of overcast weather, it’s time to shed some light on your wardrobe. Spring is a time of renewal, making it the ideal season to reassess your wardrobe. A sartorial breath of fresh air is here and it’s best to prepare accordingly. Our shortlist of eight key pieces to tackle the new season is really all you’ll need to start. You can thank us later.


Lighten up a little – fashionably. Jeans and chinos are always a good idea, but the new season calls for a little leg on show. Shorts are the way to go. Cut-off denim shorts, even better.


Hello, sunshine, we sure have missed you. Make sure you greet the sun in style. What better way to do just that than with a timeless pair of aviator sunglasses?


We know you know what a golf shirt is, but have you tried a knitted shirt with a Mandarin collar? Lightweight knitwear is everywhere in Spring/Summer 2019 collections, including knitted golfers. Take things up a notch.


Sitting by the beach or poolside? Wherever the weather takes you, you’ll need sun-ready swimwear. But which shorts to go with? This fun, cool pair delivers comfort and style. Take the plunge and make a splash.


 The downside of shedding outer layers is finding yourself short of places to stash your phone, keys, wallet, chewing gum (...ideas journal?). The solution is a simple waist bag. They offer enough space for everything you need to carry and look much better than overstuffed trouser pockets.


A casual canvas slipper and Catalan favourite for centuries, the espadrille is the perfect “slip on and go” off-duty shoe. It wouldn’t be spring without them. Slip into these, grab your best pair of shorts and tropical shirt and prepare for out-of-office style.


However well prepared you are for the heat, the beach and the ups and downs that the weather brings, there’s no such thing as too prepared. This jacket is one of the ways to never be caught off-guard.

cropped skinny

It’s hard to beat the versatility and sophistication that a dark wash can provide. It’s also hard to beat the slimming quality of good skinny jeans. So why not meet in the middle? A light wash plus a bit of a crop says “summer is here”, while adding a sense of youth and edge that’s flattering and fashionable.

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