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“Customisable” has become such a throwaway term that it borders on cliché, but there’s a good reason clichés reach this status. A lot of them happen to be true. In a world where everything is within reach, around the corner or available at the click of a button, we want what we want and we want it now. In five different colours, please, and as versatile as possible.

When it comes to our furniture, certain pieces need to easily adapt to our changing taste and desires – storage items especially. Want a feature wall that you don’t have to build in and commit to? Need a temporary office storage space that may become a guest bedroom later? Searching for a quick storage solution that stylishly contains all of your little one’s belongings?



The Fritz Collection is just the thing. Modular and stackable, the storage cabinets come in varying dimensions and sizes and offer great creative solutions for any room in the house, with and without legs. Create the exact permutation to answer your storage needs and then customise into a unique colour combination. If assorted rainbow brights aren’t in line with your aesthetic, you can easily create a monochrome look in grey or calm things down slightly by committing to a single primary colour. Keen to use the Fritz Collection to kickstart the creativity in your own home? Here are some ideas to get you going.

1. Group as a feature wall

Mix cabinet colours, sizes and shapes and hang together as you would a picture wall. Let each piece multitask as storage and decor, which will also lessen the need for any additional wall adornments.

2. Line up as a server

Use multiple cabinets in the same size, shape and colour and line up against a wall to create a server. The cabinets’ mobility means that you’ll be able to move the server to a different spot in any room, whenever the desire strikes. Adapt the size of the server to suit its new location.


3. Mount as a bookcase

 bookcaseDemarcate a grid formation on your wall and alternate cubes and blank spaces. The idea is to give you a combination of negative and positive spaces and create shelf-type slots in the open spaces, perfect for stacking books or displaying pot plants. Use the closed blocks to store anything you don’t want on display.

4. Stack as lockers

Choose multiple cabinets of the same or mixed colours but in different sizes. Get stacking and start with the biggest cabinet on the bottom, using smaller dimensions at each level to create a locker-like wall. This is ideal for kids’ rooms where mess is unavoidable – and even offices, where temporary storage is really useful.

An avid design, art, architecture and interiors lover, freelance journalist and editor, Julia Freemantle has spent the better part of 15 years writing about inspiring spaces and the people who create them.

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