A fuss-free grooming guide

How to look your best in 5 steps


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Images: Supplied

It takes effort to look your best and there’s simply no getting around this. A regular grooming routine should be standard practice, but it isn’t worth much if you don’t have the basics down. Follow a few key steps, discover which products do and don’t work for you, then unlock the satisfaction of feeling and looking a little (to a lot) more polished. Where to begin?


Cleansing is the most important thing you can do for your face. Washing your face with warm water before you shave opens up your pores, softens your facial hair for a closer shave and helps prevent breakouts. Try Red Dane Essential Face Wash, a refreshing and gentle cleansing gel, to remove dirt, surface oils and other impurities without drying the skin. Remember to wash your face before you go to bed, too, to remove any traces of dirt and sweat that accumulate during the day. Red Dane is also ideal if you shave daily.


Irritations are to be expected, since shaving requires running a razor across your face regularly, so use a shaving cream with skincare benefits. Lab Series Cooling Shave Cream does the job quite well. The rich, multipurpose formula prepares skin by softening hair, guards against irritation and invigorates for a cool, refreshing finish. The concentrated texture helps to condition your skin and beard while providing a uniform protective surface. It also improves razor performance, enhancing the glide against the skin, and protects your face from minor nicks. In short, we have a winner.


Even with the added benefits of a great cleanser and shaving cream, shaving can still be slightly rough on your skin. The good news is that Lab Series Razor Burn Relief reduces any potential irritation and redness. Its creamy texture protects and rebuilds your skin’s natural moisture barrier that can be lost during a morning shave. There is no bad news. If you’re not looking to shave your beard, however, nourish it as you would the hair on your head. L’Oréal Men Expert Long Beard & Skin Oil gives your beard the essential oils it needs, while softening and conditioning minus any oily residue. Bonus: it hydrates and soothes your face, too.


Before you apply your moisturiser and head out for the day, leave your skin to air for a few minutes. When you’re ready, grab Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator. This must-have moisturiser triggers the skin’s ability to build and hold moisture. And don’t forget sun protection. A good sunscreen should be part of any daily routine and Lab Series Day Rescue Defense Lotion is an excellent lightweight SPF. It helps protect your skin against damaging environmental elements that can lead to dehydrated skin. Remember: sun damage is the main cause of discolouration and skin dehydration, so make sure to apply sun protection before you leave the house every morning. Your skin will thank you later.


Instead of picking a scent at random after a quick sniff at the counter, take the time to choose something that’s personal and suits your skin, whether you’re saving it for occasions or making it your daily signature scent. It’s always worth doing some research to discover more of what you like. Burberry Brit for Men comes to mind for daily wear, with the citrus-freshness of Mandarin and cool and spicy notes of ginger. Comforting and nostalgic. See a few more of our other go-to fragrances below.

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