Inspiration straight from the streets


Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Getty

Transitional fashion is always a bit of a weird spot, because it’s not hot enough to abandon all of your layers, but it’s definitely not cold enough to go head to toe in your largest eskimo gear. That’s why we’re still obsessed with denim and its versatility. We took to the streets of our favourite fashion weeks for inspiration on how to style denim looks for the switching seasons.

Double Denim

No longer a taboo, double denim is perfect year-around. In winter, you can pair your brest pair of jeans with a buttoned-up denim shirt or matching jacket, but the warmer weather speaks to ditching the top entirely. Either wear your favourite jacket as an off-shoulder top or wear a bandeau underneath to cool you off during the sunny days.


Embellished jackets aren’t new, but we’ve refined our ways of customisation as the years have gone by. We’re leaving the dip dye and studs behind in favour of dainty pearls, detailed fraying and different textures in our denim.

Colour panels

If you’re feeling less adventurous than pearls and textures, another take on denim includes mixing shades of blue. Whether the panels are in your jacket or on your jeans, adding a splice of colour adds an edge to your look while still being subtle enough for everyday wear.

Cut offs

Our jeans doesn’t always have to be prim, proper, form fitting and sitting at the ankle – a more casual approach to denim comes in the form of cutting them off and letting the edges fray a little. And this isn’t limited to jeans. Fraying adds a bit more edge to mini-skirts, too. Wear with platform espadrilles or a pair of Birkenstocks to add to the carefree aesthetic.

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