Showcasing our five art competition winners


Words: Annette Minnaar | Images: Carolyn Taylor, Steff van Niekerk, Aneeqah Rasdien, Tanika Cronje + Kaya Gwebu

What would Earth be without art? According to the ubiquitous memes of Instagram, the answer is “Eh.” Oh, the cringey wisdom of it all — but true nonetheless. At Superbalist, we understand the value of creative expression and wanted to relaunch our wall art offering with an irresistible bang. How? By tapping into South African talent with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We urged local up-and-coming artists to submit their work online and received thousands of compelling entries. Now, meet the five winners who blew us away with their beguiling work.


Carolyn Taylor is a Cape Town-based local graphic designer and artist who draws inspiration from South Africa and her life experiences. Expressing ideas of self-love, acceptance and a passion for nature, each piece is designed to encourage and inspire like-minded individuals.


Known as Arnie by many, Steff van Niekerk is a Cape Town-based digital artist. Her work began with self-portrait illustrations and slowly moved into the odd line drawings, collages, caricatures and a few other doodles. She is inspired by those around her and aims for her art to bring a smile onto the faces of those who come across it.

Streep Creative

Cape Town-based Aneeqah Rasdien, the artist behind Streep Creative, has a minimalist art and design style, enhanced by the clever use of negative space. Playing with fashion and the female form has served to be her greatest source of inspiration. In a world that is already so manic and cluttered, Aneeqah finds beauty in simplicity.

Somebody Tall

Joburg-based Kaya Gwebu believes that art is beautiful precisely because it is subjective and open to interpretation. In his own work, he strives to tap into a form of surrealism with occasional witty humour. Kaya believes his art form is relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds, with a romance that makes it all the more accessible.

Sister Sphynx

COMING SOON Tanika Cronje aka sister sphynx is a Cape Town-based illustrator and graphic designer with a flair for all things bright and colourful. While she does make use of a variety of mediums, most of her work is rendered digitally, with people being her main choice of subject matter. Tanika draws inspiration from Japanese art and has a passion for character design and cartoons.

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