Winter Blues, Be Gone

The key items for a cosy home


Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Photographer: Inge Prins | Styling: Sanri Pienaar

Winter is here, friends, and very little can contend with a weekend spent at home this season. The chill in the air brings with it plenty of comforting rituals — feasting on homemade hearty soups with chunks of freshly baked bread and cosying up to the fireplace on nights spent indoors with loved ones. You've managed to whittle down weekend errands. It’s a chance to finally catch up on shows you've been dying to binge-watch, wearing a lush set of pyjamas, steaming cup of warm beverage cradled in your hands.

Since we’re spending most of our well-deserved leisure time hibernating at home, we want our spaces as snug as possible for some cosy winter living.


Lighting is a simple way to create warmth, as well as showcase your home. Add a sleek and striking floor lamp or, for a more whimsical look, opt for string lights to give any room a soft glow. Don’t have a fireplace? Candles work just as well for setting a softer mood and creating a signature scent wherever they are placed.


When one gets tired of the hum of electronic entertainment, curl up with a good book. Thankfully, they make great home accessories, too — pile up your favourites on sidetables or coffee tables and while you’re at it, rest your feet on an ottoman. This decorative and functional piece of furniture brings texture and print to your space and doubles as an extra seat for guests.


The simplest, most affordable way to warm up your space is with decor accessories. Purchase enough cushions and you'll make every sofa in the lounge more comfortable. Printed cushions are great decorative touches that add character. Decorative art also works well to enhance a colour scheme. And don’t forget the throw blankets when cold-proofing your home — you can never have too many when the temperature drops.


How to incorporate pieces that work with the season in which you’re decorating? Think texture. In winter, we gravitate towards faux sheepskin fur and soft knits. Layer a few old rugs with newer ones for interesting textural accents, while keeping things fresh.

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