The Ones To Watch: Amy Scheepers

How Fossil’s new Smartwatch adds the final touch to this jewellery designer’s busy schedule.

Amy Scheepers

Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Aart Verrips

When it comes to Amy Scheepers, she’s someone who quite clearly lives her passion. The jewellery creator, photographer, website builder and content creator has crafted a life that allows for daily creation. Always itching to use her hands, her love for photography led to jewellery design and out of this, Coast was born. But the entrepreneurial life isn’t one with a straight path, and more specifically a daily schedule, so as more creatives are taking their professions into their own hands, technology has had to adapt in a manner that still matches our lifestyle.

Introducing the Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch from Fossil: a watch that works just as hard as you do, with a classic design and modern technology. We sat down with Amy to see how its vast capabilities impact — and improve — her career and day-to-day living.

Amy M1

What does an average day look like for you?

My days are always different and I generally decide what each day is going to look like on the morning of, according to what I need to get done! In general, though, Monday — Thursday consists of breakfast, going over emails & social, running errands and visiting suppliers in town. Over lunch, I again check emails & social and then spend the rest of the day at my home studio making orders or creating new designs. Fridays are always courier and admin days. I try to snap pictures for my personal Instagram while in town (if my boyfriend has time), and then all content creation and photography gets worked in around the rest!

What is your go-to style tip and how do you manage to complement your watches with your other jewellery?

My style is definitely a lot more minimal these days and I love seeing women wearing a beautiful watch paired with good straight-leg denim and a masculine-style blazer. Catching a glimpse of the watch when your sleeves pull up — worn with no other arm jewellery but perhaps a few layered necklaces or statement earrings — feels very effortlessly stylish to me.

Amy M2

Custom goal tracking is one of the highlights of the Venture HR Smartwatch, so we’d love to know what goals you focus on in your day-to-day activities?

I’m a little bit of a scatterbrain — a bit all over the show, you know! Being that way somehow works for me, but the Smartwatch has made life easier as it helps me stay on top of my day and makes getting through my daily to-do list a much easier process. Probably the biggest goal I’ve achieved has been spending less time on my phone during the day. I find that my work day would be disrupted whenever I stopped to check something on my phone as I’d ultimately end up scrolling through Instagram for an hour, whereas now I receive notifications through my watch and don’t find myself checking in on social as much.

How else do you keep on track with your day and manage to stay focused while working? 

The Reminders app has been the perfect addition to my everyday life. I’m obsessed with making lists and taking notes and checking them regularly throughout the day, so this feature fits right into my day-to-day. I’ve also really enjoyed playing with the Spotify app, it’s simplified my home life and I’m able to set the vibe in my studio easily, without having to stop what I’m doing and take out my phone.

Amy M3
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