Meet the Aiden

Interior designer Bielle Bellingham introduces us to this new three seater sofa

the aiden

Words: Bielle Bellingham | Images: Supplied

Who knew how important it is to know the difference between a couch and a sofa, or how bizarrely similar your sofa is to your best friend, or how precarious the balance between strength and softness can be? Interior designer, Bielle Bellingham introduces Aiden, our new three seater sofa, waxing lyrical about both its versatility and quality.

It’s very obvious to me that we all have different sofa personalities, and if I’m honest with you (and I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this), I’m the slightly vain, idealistic type that is more concerned about how good-looking a sofa is, rather than how deeply I can immerse myself into it. There is nothing worse for me than a ‘sensible’ couch in some shade of ambivalence that immediately looks like a hand-me-down, even when brand new. That said, I do need my sofa to be comforting and hardworking, but always handsome. This is why I’m so partial to the new Aiden 3 seater sofa. With arms at the same height as the back, its Tuxedo-style is complemented by minimalist Mid-century modern characteristics and other alluring details. The boxy profile is elegant with a low back, svelte structure and slightly voluptuous arms.

The Aiden

Let’s run through a few of the checkboxes that one should always consider when evaluating a sofa, regardless of your previously mentioned personality type:


Although this apartment size sofa seats three people comfortably, I like that it still feels neat and compact. The depth of the seat is just perfect. Technically, you could luxuriously drape yourself all over it, but you can also sit upright so that you don’t spill your wine when entertaining. There is no sitting on cracks if you’re sharing the seat, and it’s easy to get in and out of. Perhaps most importantly though, I believe that it will fit through most doorways. This might sound strange, but I cannot tell you how many nightmares I’ve had trying to squeeze sexy sofas into places that they just won’t go — up stairways, around corners, into lifts or over balconies, often ending in tears. I reckon Aiden will just slip into your home, but please be sure to check its measurements before the delivery guys arrive.


I always suggest that you try to get the best quality sofa that you can afford. It’s often one of the most expensive things that you’ll need to buy, which makes it tempting to skimp, but don’t. It’s the furniture piece that both you and your friends will use most frequently, and if you make the right investment decision, it should last decades. This is why it’s reassuring to note the construction quality of Aiden. The upholstery is immaculate and robust and the filling is firm and feels like it will stay perky forever. I would even go as far as saying that this couch could endure the odd kid’s trampoline session (although I am not recommending this, just acknowledging that shit happens and that this sofa can handle it.)



The polyester fabric is pet and family friendly, it’s easy to clean and maintain. (Although, let’s be honest, is anything ever really 100% bullet-proof when there are kids and dogs involved.)


This particular shade of grey is painfully well-considered: not too trendy (thank goodness), so it will always be current. Not overly flecked or mottled, but it will still be forgiving when it comes to the odd dirty mark. Not too cool and dark, but just enough to be confident. I’m a fan.


In terms of what kind of space this sofa would suit best, I’d recommend rooms with low ceilings and open-plan areas. In terms of interior style, I’m going to allow myself the luxury of saying it will work just as well in minimalistic interiors, as in slightly more bohemian, Scandinavian interiors. This is the beauty of Aiden, it's designed to make a statement in an understated interior, as well as to ground a slightly more eclectic and energetic space.

In a minimalist interior, I would pair Aiden with:

In a bohemian interior, I would pair Aiden with:

Before I leave, please remember that Aiden is a sofa, not a couch, and that there is a difference. A couch absorbs remotes, popcorn kernels and ice cream wrappers into its grubby, self-indulgent folds. Sofas make you feel like your best self – relaxed, poised and content. Having spent a little time with Aiden lately, I would say that this sofa has all the qualities of a really good friend, and after all, isn’t that we’re looking for in a sofa? It’ll make you look good, have your back, comfort and support you and share many great memories with you and your family.

Bielle Bellingham has experience in interior design, art direction, copywriting, event management and digital publishing. Her creative vision is informed by the African cultural trajectory and the role of design as a catalyst for change. She has shared her insights regarding decor and design trends with several high profile publications over the years, in addition to serving as ELLE Decoration South Africa’s editor, curating and contributing regularly to its style and design-centric content. Looking to expand her creative production and experience design skills, Bielle later joined Littlegig, a 24H music festival, as the Creative Director. Today, she runs her own design consultancy, offering interior, experience and content design services.

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