It Doesn’t Take Valour To Pull Off Velour

How to bring velvet into your space.


Words: Annette Minnaar | Photography: Sanri Pienaar

While velvet may be reminiscent of a kitsch 70’s love pad, the rich material can also create an attractive focal point in your home that serves as both stylish and an alluring melt-in-your-mouth tactile piece. The key to unlocking velvet’s true potential, as a must-have for your space, lies in how you incorporate it.

Here’s our style guide on how to bring the luxurious fabric home:

The bedroom

When it comes to velvet, colour is your friend and the bedroom is a great place to experiment. The tufted texture adds a romantic dimension to any colour, especially elevating this season’s royal navy, emerald + taupe colours. Maintain your bedroom’s sanctuary feel by keeping things simple and incorporating velvet through just one statement furniture piece: an inviting chair, plush emerald occasional or dusty pink curtains.

The living room

Create a visual feast for family and friends to enjoy by mixing velvet with other fabrics and textures. Your living room is a space that allows for a more engaging aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to place an opulent velvet ottoman over a printed or textured rug. The combination of these high and low fabrics creates a unique visual balance that is perfect for your entertaining space.

How to care for your new favourite material

Get the most value out of velvet by allowing it to age gracefully. The discolouration and patina effect caused by oxidation and sunlight is best supported through a gentle cleaning approach. Vacuum its surface with a soft bristle attachment and remove stains with water.

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