Don't Sweat It

8 essentials every man needs in their gym bag

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Words: Nhlanhla Masemola | Images: Supplied

As we near the end of summer and poke at those pesky New Year’s resolutions, the motivation to keep fit has never had more reason to wane. We can blame the unpleasantness of the shifting season all we like but the truth is that exercise is hard work! And, If we’re honest, it can also be a total drag. When enthusiasm is in short supply sometimes all one needs is a stimulating kick to the senses, a new kit, if you will, to get back into gear. So we’ve carefully selected just the items to get you going in style –– looking good at the gym has never been this easy.

Gym 1

Breathable, sleek, and with a colourway that packs a punch, these trainers are a surefire way to stay on the treadmill. Equally attuned to wear on the field and off, if there was ever a trainer that exuded versatility this is it.

Gym 2

With a tuxedo stripe and in a bold colour, these track pants from Nike should make the list on style alone. Thanks to the proliferation of sportswear, wearing this out is just a part of everyday dressing.

Gym 3

Be a team player with this face wash from L'Oréal. Using charcoal to cleanse the skin and remove dirt from your pores, there's nothing quite as refreshing as a good scrub with this after a tough workout.

Gym 4

You can’t have essentials in a bag without an essential bag. When your life is busy, the last thing you need is a busy gym bag. Streamline your gear with this simple duffel bag from Reebok. Uncomplicated and tough enough to carry what you need, this is the high-priority accessory you can’t leave the house without.

Gym 5

Inspired by training gear and football culture of the ‘90s, this melted marble jersey tee by adidas Performance is what every fitness enthusiast needs in their gym bag.

Gym 6

Defeat the weather with this high-performance gym bag essential. Made from breathable, water shedding fabric this windbreaker from adidas Performance. Throw it on after some hard work at the gym or simply wear it over a white tee and slim blue jeans.

Gym 7

Don't skip a beat and upgrade to these wireless earphones from Skullcandy. With a high-tech look, these earphones promise a sweat-resistant workout that keeps you in the right headspace.

Gym 8

Water is life and in the gym, water is worth more than gold. Carry your champion juice how it deserves: in a mint-coloured water bottle that’s good for the environment.

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