An editor's note from Kelly Fung on how our winter 2019 campaign came to be.

Words: Kelly Fung | Photography: Ian Engelbrecht

We can’t deny the fast-paced world we find ourselves in and truthfully, it’s only getting busier. Our clothes have had to support our non-stop schedules and speedy existence, but more recently, I’ve started to think it's time that fashion, or what we put on (and in) our bodies become a way to inspire us to rather slow down, indulge, feel and appreciate.

New mood 1

The same could be said for trends; we find ourselves chasing the latest everything, to keep up, to take in all the information we can — in the shortest amount of time. With so many ways to look and feel fashionable, it’s become difficult to stick to what ultimately makes you feel good, to feel most you.

new mood 2

How do you interpret all the runway trends and make them work for you? Right now, we’re loving the unpredictable mix of animal print, check and floral offset by earthy tones that add much-needed dimension to a sometimes restrictive winter wardrobe.

new mood 3

The trick is to play and experiment with what’s new, but also what feels good; this season comes with no rules. Think unexpected, mix-matched prints, slouchy knitwear that gives way to easy movement and soft textures that force an effortless ease and an indulgence that we sometimes forget to allow ourselves.

new season 3

Winter may not always be the signal to slow down, but a new season does bring about a new mood; one that means dressing for yourself, encouraging a much-needed way to lift our spirits, a touch of playfulness and a heavy dose of experimentation, with wild abandon, of course.

new moood 5
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