There’s More To Warmth Than Just A Jacket

Here are two key textures to explore this winter season.


Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Luke Kuisis

When it comes to winter dressing and the primary objective of warmth, it’s easy for our outfits to start falling a bit flat. But fear not, textural clothing is the easiest way to add dimension to your wardrobe while making sure functionality is still taken care of. For winter, there are two standout textures that we think deserve their rightful place in your wardrobe: chunky knits and teddy coats.

Chunky Knits

Knitwear is an undisputed seasonal essential. While seldom fully wool in fabrication, acrylic fibre blends still allow knitwear to achieve its aim: to keep you nice and cosy. But knitwear isn’t new, and your staple knitted polonecks still deserve their rightful place in your closet. All we’re doing is making things a little bigger — from stitch size to fit. Chunky knitted tops and jackets are both functional and on-trend, with slouchy tops tucked into high waisted jeans ready to give you the perfect off-duty, model look. Knitted cardigans being perfect to throw on as you leave the house. These larger stitches and textural details truly engage your senses while ticking your nostalgia bone.

The Teddy

Although faux-fur jackets have always been on our radar, the standout star in the textural revolution is definitely the teddy coat. Gaining popularity in the mid-1900s Britain, teddy jackets actually started out as a menswear trend worn by artists and rockstars alike. Nowadays, the borg-come-teddy fabric has been taking centre stage and gracing the runways of Isabel Marant, Acne, Chloé and more. If you’re not ready to commit to the fully furry coat, you can introduce it into your wardrobe with shearling details on a biker jacket — but the full-on teddy coat is honestly more fun.

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