Brown Is The New Black

4 effortless ways to wear this 70s inspired colour of the season.

New Brown L

Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Luke Kuisis

After being dubbed a retail dud and shoved to the dusty corner of closets for years, this underrated colour is finally getting it’s time to shine. After being showcased on autumn/winter runways by Chloé, Coach, Tory Burch and Fendi and being taken to the streets by some of our favourite influencers, we’re finally seeing this hue in a new light. While the instinct may be to think of deep chocolate browns, rust, burnt brick and golden tones are shades that are much less intimidating and easier to integrate into your wardrobe. So how does one wear this new colour in a way that gives you more autumn leaves and less poo-emoji? Here are four ways to integrate the colour into your wardrobe.

The Finer Details

Ease this shade into your wardrobe by starting with your accessories and working your way down. Think neutral bucket hats, chocolate-coloured handbags, sunglasses and asymmetrical earrings:

Tip: using animal prints like leopard and faux-crocodile textures are an easy way to nail two trends at once.

All Out Tonal

Head-to-toe brown looks have been the go-to styling for this look on the runway, and it’s easy enough to accomplish in your day to day life.

Tip: to spice things up, choose different shades of brown for each item. That way, they all complement each other but it doesn’t feel too heavy on the brown-on-brown.

From The Waist Down

Not only reserved for corduroy hip huggers, paper bag trousers look effortlessly chic in warm neutral tones or a classic pinstripe. Pleated and printed skirts are also a quick fix — wearing leopard print has you integrating brown without even noticing.

Tip: bold colours accent brown really well, so don’t be afraid to pair it with a burgundy, cream, electric blue or fuschia top.

A Fresh Coat

If you’re too scared to venture into a caramel pair of pants or a copper blouse, the easiest way to integrate this colour into your wardrobe is by allowing a jacket or a coat to be the hero of your look. A textured camel coat or a deep-toned blazer instantly draws attention and adds dimension to your style, while still allowing you to feel comfortable adopting this new trend.

Tip: who said brown can’t be worn with black? A black poloneck is the perfect canvas for a brown puffer jacket or long, textured coat.

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