Get the latest festival fashion tips for your own Flavour Chillas in your backyard with Flying Fish.

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Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Photography: Steve Marais

Whether you’re catching flights for the latest music festival or on your way to a friend’s Chillas, your outfit can often make or break your mood. Every Chillas needs someone to handle the music, to handle the drinks, to keep you entertained or to snap the candid moments, and since your personality is often represented through your style, making sure you look your best can give you a little something extra on the day. But there’s no need travel halfway across the world (or even your own country) for a good time — some of the best moments you can have are with your friends, in someone’s backyard, throwing your own sort of festival with your favourite drinks on tap. We threw a little Chillas of our own, styled by Joburg fashion influencer Lola Kabingesi, and to get some insight into her personal style and essentials for your own backyard festival, we asked her for some tips on how to make sure that no matter what, our outfits always rise to the occasion.

In a busy city like Johannesburg with so many cultural influences, how did you manage to pinpoint your own unique style?

I think no matter where you are in South Africa or the world, it’s hard to pinpoint your own unique style. I believe that everyone’s style is a blend of different influences, but whether you do them justice is up to the individual and that’s where the difficulty comes in; being an individual in something that you essentially didn’t create, only adapted. I can say, though, that my personal style is more streetwear influenced than anything, and while I can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion, those are who I’m mostly influenced by and I take that into my work too.

Who do you look to for fashion inspo?

I have so many influences but to name a few: Ember KimTeyana Taylor, Alani Figueroua, Aleali May, Rihanna and Kristen Crawley.

When it came to this shoot, what were you inspired by and how did you incorporate that into the styling?

I actually styled it according to the rest of the Flavour Crew, so I tried to put together a mix of what we like, what would suit us and most importantly what would make us comfortable in a festival setting at home. For me, comfort is essential.

We saw a few trends weaved throughout this campaign. Which ones would you say are your favourite?

My personal favourite is the Utility/Military trend — there is something so hardcore and timeless about it, so I made sure to use a really cool pair grungy boots. Animal print is one of the hottest trends right now so I couldn’t leave it out, so I incorporated it in different ways like a sheer leopard print top, a red zebra two piece and a snakeskin two-piece as well.

What was the one essential you made sure was included; your Chillas go-to?

Definitely the military boots and any type of sunglasses. In my opinion, the former can be worn with anything and the latter are essential for any festive gathering. Whether indoor or outdoor, shades are a must for me. Moonbags are also a festival NB — they’re perfect for keeping your essentials close to you so you can groove carefree.

Every Chillas has different kinds of people in it -- you get your musos, your mixologists, the fashion-forward kind, etc. How did you manage to incorporate elements of them into this shoot?

No matter what kind of person you are or what your occupation is, I think everyone strives for comfort and style is an added extra. This made it easier for me to pick these outfits because I know the last thing you want to be doing while having fun is constantly adjusting your apparel to maintain a look. But to try and represent the different types of people at a Chillas , I styled the one girl in a beret and little printed mini skirt to show she’s more fashion-forward, whereas the other girl’s vibe was more artistic and creative. With little details like that, I tried to show the different personas. It’s the finer details like that that really show your true style.

Which Chillas archetype are you?

It honestly depends on which part of the night it is! As the night begins, I tend to remain with the people I know and be more reserved. Towards the middle of the night I’m more sociable and I take comfort in my various dance moves (I’m an excellent dancer in my opinion), then towards the end of the night I’m most probably dancing on a table or couch singing the lyrics to every damn song that plays (whether I know them or not), hand in hand with a stranger who is my new best friend.

What is your ideal location for your Flavour Chillas?

I would love a large, luscious, well-kept garden with flowers everywhere, decorated with a couple of day beds and hammocks. It would be perfect for an intimate Chillas with just me, a few of my friends and a fire playlist to keep us going.

As taught by Lola, the key to looking your best is to make sure you're comfortable and incorporating trends that speak to your personality, even if only through your favourite accessories. And now that you've got your backyard festival looks sorted, all you need to do is add some Flying Fish Flavour Chillas and you're good to go.

Drink responsibly. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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