Trends With Benefits: 6 Accessories To Express Your Style

The latest trends on a scale that anyone can handle by incorporating key accessories into your daily wardrobe.


Words: Foyin Ogunrombi | Images: Getty Images

Looking for high fashion without the commitment? We’ve found the latest trends on a scale that anyone can handle by incorporating key accessories into your daily wardrobe. Not every workplace allows you to let your inner fashionista fly, and sometimes you love a good trend but you’re not sure if you can pull it off yourself. With our accessories and fashion inspo, you’ll be able to play around with prints and textures straight from Fashion Week’s finest with no fear.

Basic Instincts

With snakeskin and leopard prints taking centre stage lately, it’s hard not to feel a little FOMO, especially if you’re unsure about rocking a bright printed two-piece or a zebra shift dress. But with these leopard spotted earrings or crocodile bags, you can ease your way into the wild, one belt at a time. They’re subtle enough not to cause a panic but they still give you the thrill of being out on the loose.

Size Matters

Micro-accessories have become the latest must-have, and we’ve made sure to give you options to try out for yourself. Gone are the days of lanyard phone cases, but they have inspired an array of minimalist personal storage. There’s no need to lug around a large handbag for a night out on the town when you only need your phone, lipstick and your credit card. Belt bags and mini crossbody purses give you the security of keeping your belongings close to your heart, while your style is still on the pulse.

Be Bold

If your workplace limits your fashion choices, the easiest way to show off your personality is through your accessories — namely, your handbag. Let your bag say it all with bold colours, sequins, and prints, or go bare with a transparent tote and moon-bag. Express yourself and play around with textures, even if it’s only on your arm.

Loose Ends

This accessory is an ode to old Hollywood classics and unmatched in its versatility. Not only can it incorporate other trends into it (hello, leopard print!), but it extends itself to being worn in a multitude of manners. Tie it around your low ponytail for a chic look, or turn it into a headband as a nod to your youth. No one can deny an ascot along a crisp white shirt, or tie it around your handbag’s strap for an everyday allusion to luxury.


A stylish waist belt is the best way to spruce up an outfit, accentuate your waist or incorporate smaller trends into your wardrobe. Try your hand at the utility trend with our tape belts, or add some flair to a formless shift dress with a skinny PVC belt. Tassels can also add some life to a normal pair of high-waisted pants or midi-skirts.

Chunky Design

When it comes to jewellery, the bigger the better. Think bold, industrial-styled chain link necklaces, large pendant earrings and metallic cuffs. While maximalism is always in and more is most definitely more, these jewellery additions can add an edge to any classic wardrobe. A pair of chinos and a collared shirt are instantly elevated with a statement necklace or chunky earrings.

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