5 Fashion Pieces to Take You Through the Seasons

Bridge the style gap between now and winter

layering story

Word: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography: Niquita Bento 

There are two types of attitudes when it comes to layering: the reluctance that's probably triggered by flashbacks of school uniform days when the time to bring out the often unflattering pullover and blazer combo. And then there are the Olsen twins-inspired fashion Queens who get that nailing the art of playing with proportions could a whole other dimension to your wardrobe and breathe new life into your favourite pieces. There’s no middle ground with bundling up on style; you’re either keen or you’re scared it could all go wrong.

Now, this is a safe space where all perspectives are valid; the weather is changing and even those of you who aren’t as enthusiastic about piling on the pieces kind of have no choice but to get on board, so we are here to help. To start you out, we’ve selected five key pieces that should form the cornerstone of your transitional wardrobe. With the right pick of boots, dresses, jackets, knits and jeans you can transcend any season with the help of a few tweaks and tricks.

One-pieces that do wonders

Dresses pretty much have a slot in your style repertoire all year long. The fact that you can even get away with wearing a bardot style over a shirt lets you know that they have no business being anywhere but front and center of your wardrobe. That said, some styles do do a better job of slipping into every season than others; take shirt dresses: you can cinch them at the waist, layer over a knit or trousers or do a cute colour block with a coat. They just make sense in every climate.

Cover-ups to capitalise on

Coats and jackets are easy updates that allow you to incorporate an unmistakable statement into your look with one swift move. An ankle length tartan with a shawl collar can easily pull a dull look up to bold sophisticated speed and even allow for a texture contrast, while a more tailored trucker jacket lends a casual street cred to whatever you throw it over. A classic trench brings with it a business-like seriousness, so while you could wear it to the office, you can also get away with using it to spruce up denims and a tee.

Knits do weave a stylish web

Stocking up on chic knitwear to brave undecided weather is almost a no brainer. Jerseys and cardigans are the easiest pieces to pull out, throw into the mix and extend look’s lifespan. Want to bring your slip dress into autumn? That’s nothing slipping a skin-tight turtleneck underneath it can’t solve. Similarly, a slouchy cable knit and some boots turns that same slip dress into something completely different. Even with chunky statement pieces, the slightest switch in bottoms creates a completely different outfit.

Boots you should fill

The head-turning effect that makes shoes anchor a look is the same factor that allows them the versatility to be the contrast that gives it an edge or seasonal appropriateness. Consider how you can transform a simple dress from ‘elegant’ to ‘edgy’ by switching from stiletto boots to a military style, now think about how much more different the look you’d create would be if you wore the same dress with slingback kitten heels, for instance. Shoes are honestly the easiest way to contextualise your look and with picks from sock boots, classic Chelsea styles, snakeskin and other detail updates, there are enough to choose from and come out as a new you every other day.

Trust the star players

The treasure that is the perfect fit of jeans in just the right wash truly transcends any season and most occasions. They can be a stylish off-duty look with a tee and a fur jacket, save a casual office look with a blouse and some heels or accentuate a statement top when you need to go out. All the heavy-lifting you need to do is getting the cut that complements your style and you can let the weather and your mood determine the rest.

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